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Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins is the nation's number one how-to sales trainer and author of fourteen books on the subjects of selling and success. He has helped over four million salespeople on five continents to increase both their selling skills and their sales volumes.

Jul/Aug 2010 Issue
One Size Doesn't Fit All
by Tom Hopkins
Multiply your effectiveness by varying your presentation style.

Sep/Oct 2009 Issue
Recession? A Great Time to Recruit
by Tom Hopkins
How to quickly find out if people qualify for your business.

May/Jun 2008 Issue
Work Smarter, Not Harder
by Tom Hopkins
Learn how to meet more people and establish new connections.

Jul/Aug 2007 Issue
Multiply Your Most Precious Resource
by Tom Hopkins
Differentiate between opportunity time and replenishing time.

May/Jun 2007 Issue
Making Connections
by Tom Hopkins
Five tips for maintaining a strong network.

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