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Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall

KEVIN HALL is a highly sought after business consultant, speaker and coach. He was a partner in Franklin Quest, makers of the Franklin Day Planner. As Vice President of Sales and Training he helped fuel Franklin's worldwide growth. Kevin is Co-Founder of the Statue of Responsibility envisioned by Dr. Viktor Frankl, author of Man's Search for Meaning.

He has been recognized for his groundbreaking approach to uncovering the hidden, and often secret, meanings of words.

Kevin is also credited with wordsmithing, and trademarking, the original slogan for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, "Ignite the Fire Within." He has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Worth Magazine, Nation's Restaurant News, Restaurant Business and on the Food Network.

Kevin and his wife Sherry are the proud parents of six children. He enjoys cycling, running, fly-fishing, cooking, and reading.

Networking Trainers Article
by Kevin Hall

In old Hungary, along the Danube River between Budapest and Vienna, there was a village by the name of Kocs that produced the world's finest horse-drawn vehicles. Skilled wheelwrights fashioned these conveyances with spring suspension to comfortably carry royalty over the bumpy river road that connected the two great cities. These carriages borrowed their name from the small township where they were skillfully designed and came to be known as "coaches."

Originally crafted for aristocracy, coaches carried important people to their desired destinations in luxury and ease. Their compact, sturdy, and elegant design far surpassed any mode of transportation that had come before, and coaches soon became the rage of fifteenth-century Europe.

Networking Trainers Article
"Ollin" - To Move and Act with All Your Heart
by Kevin Hall
When an earthquake or great storm shook the earth, the ancient Aztecs described such power with a single word:


It is a word that can be found on the Aztec calendar and on many of the instruments used in sacred pre-Columbian ceremonies. Pronounced ALL-in, it is an expression of immense depth that conveys intense and immediate movement. Stemming from the ancient Nahuatl language, Ollin is derived from "yollotl," meaning heart, and "yolistli," meaning life. Ollin means to move and act now with all your heart. It means to follow your path in life wholeheartedly. To experience Ollin, we have to get "All in."

When an earthquake occurs, it signals its now time to move and act with full purpose of heart.

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