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Dr. Bill Toth

Dr. Bill Toth

Dr. Bill Toth is an Author, Father, Speaker. Since 1988, thousands of people have enjoyed the warmth, wit and dynamic presentation style of Billís business, wellness and personal development seminars. He has an unrivaled ability to distill complex concepts into simple powerful strategies which can be immediately applied for measurable results. In 1999, after nearly 12 years, Dr. Toth sold his medical practice and relocated to Texas. Currently, he and his wife devote their full attention to inspiring and developing ordinary people into extraordinary leaders. Passionately committed to contribution and living with intention, they believe daily reading, reflection, exercise, and prayer are absolutely essential components of a happy, healthy, and significant life.

Networking Trainers Article
Whatís Driving You?
by Dr. Bill Toth
Have you ever heard stories about people who win the lottery and then a few months or years later are completely broke? Or about people who enter college and change their majors three, five or ten times...

Networking Trainers Article
Being "In the Zone"
by Dr. Bill Toth
"Are you "Gellin?" asks the Dr Scholl's ad. The viewers are treated to images of actors smiling, dancing and "feeling crazy good." It's a feeling being portrayed and athletes call it "being in the zone." Are you? More importantly is your group? Or do you have a herd of cats in your business?

Remember the summer of the 1969 Mets? They were "gellin"! That was their summer; they owned it and everyone in the USA could feel it! Then there were the Boston Celtics in the 70's - they owned basketball and everyone in the USA knew it. Then the US Olympic Hockey team in the 80's, the Dallas Cowboys dynasty in the 90's, and the Chicago Bull's in the 90's. Great teams that still today give us much to strive for.

Movies like Miracle, Remember the Titans, We are Marshall, and Facing the Giants give a taste of what it means to be a winning team. They all contain scenes of the moment when the team "gells", when they become a TEAM and when they absolutely know that it's their time to win.

Networking Trainers Article
by Dr. Bill Toth
Looking at my calendar it's easy to see Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....and now I'm confused...where is "Someday"? Everybody talks about it. Everybody has all kinds of great things that they're going to do or have accomplished on that day...Someday.

You've heard it before, "Someday I'll lose that last 10lbs. Someday I'll tell my boss what I really think. Someday I'll make enough so my spouse doesn't have to work. Someday I'll take the family on that vacation. Someday I'll be able to afford that car. Someday I'll start saving for my kid's college. Someday I'll start my own business. Someday I'll actually take the actions necessary to build my business. And Someday I'll actually do what I know.

As a physician...

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