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Ross Arntson

Ross Arntson

Ross Arntson is one of the co-creators of "The NetMillionaire Training System" the revolutionary new training system in the form of an exciting "Info-tainment style" board game for the Networking Industry.

He comes from a diverse background of business management and human resource management, including many of his own companies. His experience in corporate training lead to explosive business growths and 500%-1000% profit increases from his client’s businesses.

He is well versed in public speaking and the training of corporate employees and sales teams. He has received several "Training the Trainer" certifications that enable him to present in many varieties of methods and create exciting cutting edge programs that are considered for their over-the-top effectiveness.

Networking Trainers Article
How to Improve Your Network Marketing Presentations & Your Bottom Line
by Ross Arntson
Have you ever said to yourself, “I know my network marketing presentations could be more effective”? Sometimes we aren’t even aware why the presentation didn’t go as smoothly as it could have...

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