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Jeff Packard

Jeff Packard

After Jeff Packard graduated from Arizona State University in May 0f 1999 with a degree in communication and entrepreneurship, he was hired by a Scottsdale based company who promotes Tom Hopkins seminars throughout the United States. While he was on the road promoting Tom, Jeff was not only influenced by Tom Hopkins but by other motivational speakers in the industry, like Jim Rohn. Jeff adopted their philosophies and acquired a love for reading, knowledge and self-improvement.

Jeff was in search of a speed-reading course as one of his goals was to expand his personal readings to 1000 more books. He eventually ran into The Literacy Company {TLC} which applied the Evelyn Wood's principles of Reading Dynamic into software called "The Reader's Edge". Jeff immediately loved the program because within the first 3 hours it tripled his current reading speed and increased his comprehension.

Currently Jeff markets The Reader's Edge Rapid Reading program around the world. Jeff will explain the difference between slow and efficient readers and why anyone can unlearn their old habits and learn how to read faster with greater comprehension and recall.

Jeff's enthusiasm and love for reading will motivate you and educate you. He will explain why reading truly is fundamental and why top speakers like Brian Tracy say, "LEADERS ARE TRULY READERS ".

Networking Trainers Article
The Importance of Improving your Reading Skills
by Jeff Packard
Have you ever considered the role of reading in your personal and professional life? Even more, have you ever considered the cost of poor reading skills??

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