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Carlos Marin

Carlos Marin

For almost 30 years Carlos Marin has developed successful marketing organizations numbering into the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs while generating several billion dollars of revenues. But for the first 3 and ½ years he failed miserably until he found some wealthy mentors who shared the secrets of success with him.

By modeling millionaires and studying their beliefs and way of thinking, he became hugely successful, made millions of dollars and achieved real happiness.

Carlos then dedicated himself to the study of the Psychology of Success and how to achieve measurable and predictable results on a consistent basis in order to teach the process to his leaders.

What he found in 20 years of studying millions of people is that what you believe is true about yourself, your situation, the world, the economy, and other people create your reality. Million dollar earners don’t think like or focus on the same things as people who make $50,000 per year. In order to earn six and seven figure incomes and attract the caliber of people into your business to achieve that level you must think differently. Successful people are not attracted to whiny, negative people. There is a mindset associated with developing millionaire incomes and it can be learned by anyone with a strong desire to do so. Carlos has taught several hundred people to become millionaires and thousands to make six figure incomes.

Jan/Feb 2012 Issue
Playing Full Out
by Carlos Marin

Jul/Aug 2010 Issue
Bringing Passion to the Business
by Carlos Marin

October 2002 Issue
You Never Out-Earn Your Own Self-Concept
by Carlos Marin

Networking Trainers Article
Creating a Magnetic Mindset
by Carlos Marin

What is reality? Your reality is whatever you believe to be true.

What creates your reality is what you pay attention to most of the time.

What you direct your attention to grows in your life and what you take it away from withers and dies.

Some people believe success is hard, that it can be gained only by some gargantuan, super human effort that few can ever perform or sustain. They focus their attention on the effort instead of the result they desire. If you give your power (belief) to the effort then you make things harder than they need to be... read more

Networking Trainers Article
The Cycle of Life
by Carlos Marin

Most people are frustrated with the negative results they have in life—their relationships, their bodies, being in debt and not making enough money to have what they want or retire with the lifestyle they are accustomed to. This is a result of the beliefs we adopted early in life, but these are just ideas we've bought into and which are keeping us from accessing our true potential. Make sure you watch this short video to understand the formula that has helped me build the life of my dreams, including a large network marketing business, then sign up for my upcoming webinar! ... view the video

Carlos Marin - The Cycle of Life video

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