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Dr. Thomas Barrett

Dr. Thomas Barrett

He is president of Business/Life Management, Inc., where he specializes in working with the senior management of well-established companies as well as high-tech start-ups. He is a national corporate speaker who is comfortable whether giving the keynote address to a convention of 5,000 people; speaking to a Fortune 500 company; or interacting with a small group of 50 people. His book, Dare to Dream and Work to Win is a national best seller and its sequel, Success Happens! is achieving similar altitude. He has spent over 10,000 hours one-on-one with Senators and Congressman. He has had tribute paid to him in the Congressional Record for his contributions to the lives of people on Capitol Hill.

Networking Trainers Article
Surrounded By Quiet Courage
by Dr. Thomas Barrett
Have you seen it? Itís everywhere. I hope you find it as noble and inspiring as I do. What is it? It's the quiet courage that surrounds us at this time of year. Where can you see it?

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