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Chris Widener

Chris Widener

Chris Widener is a popular speaker and writer as well as the President of Made for Success and Extraordinary Leaders, two companies helping individuals and organizations turn their potential into performance, succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams.

Nov/Dec 2014 Issue
Three Things I Learned from Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn
by Chris Widener

Jul/Aug 2004 Issue
Difficult People
by Chris Widener
How to handle four types of difficult people.

April 2004 Issue
See the Possibilities, Give Hope, and Believe
by Chris Widener
Editorial perspectives on the heart of networking.

October 2003 Issue
Got Skills?
by Chris Widener
Five critical leadership skills.

August 2003 Issue
Leading Through Influence
by Chris Widener
Six keys to leadership.

Networking Trainers Article
Finding Motivation: What To Do When You Don't Feel Like Doing Anything
by Chris Widener
The measure of your success usually comes down to who wins the battle that rages between two versions of you: the "you" who wants to stop, give up, or take it easy, and the "you" who chooses to beat back that which would stand in the way of your success—complacency.

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 12 Pillars of Success - Hardback
12 Pillars of Success - Hardback
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