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Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings

It's no secret, Dan Hollings is one of the most sought after internet marketers around. An internet strategist to celebrities, talk show hosts, NY Times best-selling authors, universities, world renowned entrepreneurs, network marketing companies and smash hit movies.

With a degree in music, he is a former university instructor and a composer of classical, jazz, world music and sound tracks including a CD called "BLISS" which Ranked #29 on Amazon's overall bestseller music list in Feb 2007.

Even though Dan has been a consultant on over 100 projects with well known names, what he is most well known for is his extraordinary internet marketing campaign behind the #1 smash hit movie The Secret.

Dan orchestrated the internet marketing campaign for the move, personally programmed The Secret web site, and helped build-out the customer support, fulfillment, and internet back-end functionality.

ABC News stated: "The marketing campaign behind 'The Secret' is going to go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done. Anywhere."

Dan teaches and implements local and international marketing strategies for all types of products, services and businesses. He is the originator of BridgeGAP Marketing, a new genre of online, offline and mobile marketing. He has significant experience in network marketing both as a consultant and a former top networker.

Not bad for a guy that never learned to type. How does he do it? Surprisingly, Dan does this all with ONE finger and he can help you create a fun and profitable business by keeping things simple.

Jan/Feb 2010 Issue
A Never-Ending Cocktail Party
by Dan Hollings
How to get smarter, richer and better-looking with Twitter.

Networking Trainers Article
Bridging the Gap between Offline, Online and Mobile Marketing
by Dan Hollings

Mr. Online and Mr. Offline are sitting in a bar discussing their various marketing tactics when in walks the young, voluptuous Miss Mobile; after a few drinks they strike up a conversation.

"Hey, why not come over to MySpace and we can Google together," says Mr. Online. Immediately Mr. Offline pipes in, "Hey, forget that, I can get you on billboards or perhaps a magazine spread."

Totally unimpressed, Miss Mobile strolls to the door, turning to say, "Sorry guys, it sounds like neither of you are in to

When it comes to your business, when was the last time you used SMS text? Yet, can you think of anything that is more pervasive and more intimate with the majority of your potential clients and customers than the communication medium of mobile phones?

Here are the facts: 94% of SMS text messages are viewed, 62% are remembered and 22% of value-add messages are forwarded to friends. Roughly half of mobile subscribers use SMS in the U.S. today.

If those facts are not mind-blowing enough to pique your marketing interest, did you know that...

Networking Trainers Article
Network Marketing on a Budget of Absolute Zero
by Dan Hollings

You're a network marketer, right? And certainly you seek to maximize your lead generation on the Internet, on mobile, and through social media, correct? If you're like most, you constantly seek traffic, customers and business. Whether you are promoting online, offline, or on mobile, the key is to seek leads whenever and wherever your time and budget permits.

We've all heard that setting up landing pages, building a lead generation site, posting to a blog, pinning on Pinterest, and a little search engine optimization (SEO) can be good.... read more

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