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Laura Kall

Laura Kall

Laura Kall graduated SUNY Binghamton magna cum laude in 1988. Upon graduating college, at the age of 22 she immediately joined the networking profession full time. Within 2 years, utilizing her prospecting skills, she reached the highest level in her company and subsequently did it 2 more times in her company's other 2 divisions. She has been recognized as one of her company's $20 million income earners and says she owes all her success to leading by example and being a master recruiter. Over the years Laura has done a lot of consulting to the networking profession and has been featured in many articles on the subject of prospecting and building a home-based business. Laura founded to help networkers with lead generation and to become more efficient at building their networking businesses. She has helped thousands of people over the years achieve their goals in the networking profession by teaching them how to lead by example and get into a prospecting mode.

May/Jun 2006 Issue
Integrating the Internet Every Step of the Way
by Laura Kall

Nov/Dec 2005 Issue
A Good Kind of Contagious
by Laura Kall

Mar/Apr 2005 Issue
Itís About Balance
by Laura Kall

Feb/Mar 2004 Issue
What This Woman Wants
by Laura Kall

August 2002 Issue
Treating It Like a Business
by Laura Kall

June 2002 Issue
The Transformation of an Industry
by Laura Kall

Networking Trainers Article
How to Get Into (And Stay In) Massive Recruiting Mode
by Laura Kall
I write this article for those of you who share a goal of developing a lifetime of residual income and a business that can eventually go on with or without you. I can tell you from first-hand experience that this can happen only if...

Networking Trainers Article
The Art of Networking
by Laura Kall
The art of networking is becoming skillful at finding ways to meet people, and taking advantage of natural opportunities to get into conversations with people wherever you are.

Networking Trainers Article
It's About Balance
by Laura Kall
Financial freedom starts with defining what the term means to you; after all, it's hard to find something if you don't know what youíre looking for. To me, financial freedom means being able to afford doing whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. Itís about being able to enjoy life with a clear headóstress-free!

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The 7-Cent Decision: Creating Your Best Future Through Network Marketing [Shipping February 2016]
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