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Dr. Josephine Gross

A Better Way

Ricky Durant

By Dr. Josephine Gross

When Ricky Durant joined his direct selling company in December 2017, he was wearing many different hats. First and foremost, he was a husband and father, but in order to pay the bills while his wife was finishing college, he was working three different jobs. Ricky explains, “I was a chemical plant operator working 12-hour shifts for a minimum of 60 to 84 hours a week, including night shifts; I was also working as a personal trainer, and I was diligently trying to build a business with another network marketing company for the first time.”

Needless to say, Ricky was ready for a change and looking for a better way. He was introduced to his current company by a couple he knew from his previous network marketing experience. “When they told me I needed to come to Dallas to check out an opportunity that could change my life, I didn’t hesitate,” says Ricky. After meeting with the company owner, Ricky immediately resigned from his previous business venture, because the owner’s vision aligned with Ricky’s key values—integrity, passion, and a desire to help others succeed.—J. G.

“I knew I was being led in this direction on purpose,” says Ricky. “The opportunity of being a direct selling entrepreneur is a blessing—when you are with a company whose vision and goals align with who you are—and this is exactly what happened to me. Were their challenges? Of course! I joined a brand new company that ...

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