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Julio Llerena

Selling a Dream

Omar & Liliana Salazar

By Julio Llerena

Omar and Liliana Salazar are a Mexican couple with great plans for their future. As leaders in the network marketing profession, they have created a community of more than 2,000 people in eight countries and growing. “Social media is the key,” they say. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are their business headquarters. They never take a break, but, at the same time, they are always on vacation. How do they do it? Here Omar and Lily explain how this apparent contradiction is perfectly possible.—J.L.

When we contacted Omar in his home in Querétaro, Mexico, he was waiting for a guitar that was being shipped from California. Not any guitar, but the one he always wanted, a custom-made Schecter Diamond Series, Apocalypse. Every time he gets a chance, Omar says, he turns into a domestic rock star, and that guitar has just the right sound for him. “These are the things we all want,” he says, “the little pleasures of life and time to enjoy them.”

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