For the past 40 years, Russian physicist Dr. Yury Kronn has been studying the “subtle energy” that fills 96 percent of our universe, yet cannot be seen or measured. Modern scientists call this “dark energy,” while ancient wisdom traditions referred to it as Life force, Prana, or Chi. As Dr. Yury’s research and experiments show, we can now scientifically verify what shamans and energy healers knew all along: that we can use this energy to affect matter; and perhaps more importantly, that we can interact with this energy using our thoughts.

After immigrating to the United States, Dr. Yury started a research and development company to create therapeutic energy tools. The energy patterns he recorded can be infused into any substance and used to enhance the potency of any product—be it nutritionals, skincare, or even jewelry or clothing.

While Dr. Yury is first to admit that we don’t fully understand how it works, his team’s scientific research methods prove that it affects all life forms including humans and animals who are not susceptible to the placebo effect. Dr. Yury and his team are committed to educating the world about the extraordinary healing potential of subtle energy, not only for humans and animals, but for every living system on our planet.—J.G.

Dr. Yury, can you tell us a little about your background and what led you to the work you do today?
I was born in Russia, where I studied physics. After earning my Doctorate specializing in quantum radio-physics, I became a conventional scientist and started working for the Institute of Radiotechnics and Electronics at the Academy of Sciences of Russia. In this Institute, scientists were investigating—clandestinely, because it was contrary to communist ideology—two women who demonstrated the incredible effects they could produce using their energy. They could move objects, and they could read through paper or even metal.

One of them was Nina Kulagina. You can find information about her online. Nina was able to do incredible things, like bend laser beams. She could slow down or speed up a frog’s heartbeat with her thoughts. She could stop the propagation of ultrasounds through a big man-made crystal, which is not possible from a scientific point of view.

Witnessing these experiments totally turned my world upside down. It literally kept me awake at night. I had just defended my Doctoral dissertation, and suddenly I saw something that didn’t jive with my knowledge of physics, yet I had to believe my eyes…

It was the beginning of my lifelong research into “subtle energy.” I decided I needed to understand what that was. Definitely some kind of energy was involved, but it was not the energy known to science. The scientists tried to measure electromagnetic radiation and the magnetic field coming from Nina, but they couldn’t find anything unusual.

We continued our research, but it was difficult. The KGB started persecuting us. As a result I was dismissed from my position as head of the lab. I became involved in political activity and was eventually expelled from the USSR in 1988. I came to the US in 1989 and made my first subtle energy generator. Since then, I developed a technology we call Vital Force Technology. Today we work with health practitioners and companies that are open to this unusual energy and developed a lot of energy products, which are used right now all over the world.

We often hear the phrase, “Everything is energy.” Many of us today believe that our energy has more impact on our reality than anything we say or do. Do you agree?
You’re touching upon a sophisticated question. There are lots of different kinds of energy in the universe, and science knows about some of them. As you point out, we just recently discovered that 96 percent of the universe is occupied by some unknown substance, which we call dark energy. But as we know, for blind people everything is dark, so it just means science is blind on this topic.

Some scientists identify that part of energy they don’t understand with what the ancients called life force. We know electromagnetic energy, but this is some kind of “dark energy,” or as frontier scientists call it now, subtle energy.

If this so-called subtle energy is indeed life force, that means it influences all life processes, and it’s tremendously important to know how it works and if we can we use it with our modern technology.

Nobody in traditional science circles asks, “What is this dark energy we have discovered and whose origin is not in our physical world? What part of the world does it exist in? Is it possible that this energy somehow influences our life?”

This energy has properties that are very different from other energies known to science, the Law of Attraction being one of them. I can speak about it for hours, how unusual this energy is, and how its laws are quite different from the laws of physics.

For instance, subtle energy interacts with our consciousness. This means that from the beginning of humanity, it was organized in such a way that it was possible for it to interact with the human mind. Who made it? How was it made? This brings up the question about a higher intelligence, whatever you call it—Universal Mind or God.

As a world expert on this, you’re able to create energy patterns, record them, and replicate them. Can you explain?
Yes. Let me tell you how our technology works. Since subtle energy interacts with energies of the physical world, it is possible to use technology to create specific energetic patterns for specific applications.

“Because these energy patterns interact with our substance, it is possible to record them, just like you record music onto a CD.”

To do this, we use a plasma generator. If you put an electrical discharge through gas, you create plasma, which is a mixture of electrons and ions. Next we modulate this gas with electrical signals that “program” subtle energy, creating specific energetic patterns.

Now, plasma is an electrically charged substance that also radiates electromagnetic energy, so we need to separate this subtle energy from electromagnetic energy. Because these energy patterns interact with our substance, it is possible to record them, just like you record music onto a CD. In a similar way, you can record this energy onto some type of hard drive, and then reproduce it.

In our lab, we can amplify this energy using certain equipment, which we call infusers—special configurations of magnetic coils with magnets, which radiate energy on the object. For instance, you can take bottles with trace minerals and infuse this energy into those minerals. Believe me, it’s experimentally proven that this energy pattern will live in this bottle for years and years to come. We have bottles that were infused 10 years ago and they are still infused with the same energy as they were in the beginning.

Now, when it comes to recognizing energy patterns, this is really difficult, because science, as you know, doesn’t have tools for measuring this energy. Since you cannot measure it, the only instrument that can communicate with this energy is the human instrument. Believe it or not, some of us humans are incredibly sensitive, like the Russian woman I mentioned, Nina Kulagina. These “human instruments” can distinguish and tell what this energy is doing for our body, and be pretty precise.

Next, we developed a whole system of testing with these people. That’s what I did for many years. We found several people who are so sensitive that they can tell us, for instance, “This energy pattern is not compatible with that,” or “This one is very good. Let’s put them together.” We put them together and test it, and they said, “Yes, this works.” After that, we send the energy infused product to our doctors and ask them to try it with their patients.

We have a lot of confirmation that this human instrument can be very accurate. We did a lot of scientific experiments studying how our energy patterns influence cells in mice, or other animals; how they influences human beings—our autonomic nervous system, our brain, and so on. A lot of research has been done, and we continue to investigate it.

Researching this energy for many years allowed us to create amazing tools, which can be very helpful for our wellbeing. These tools could create an absolutely new medical approach to health and wellness.

Let’s talk about some specific examples. You have a subtle energy product for stress relief. How does it work?
First of all, that particular energy pattern, which we call Stress Relief, was created with original methods found during experimentation with my generator, such as sweeping frequencies in a certain range at a certain speed. It appeared that this particular energy radiated by our generator influences our autonomic nervous system.

Using a standard method approved by the FDA, called a “heartrate variability” test, we found that this energy pattern calms down the sympathetic nervous system incredibly fast, like nothing else we know. It improves the parasympathetic nervous system and can be used as a tool to relieve stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks.

We have another method of creating energy patterns with this generator. For instance, we can electronically reproduce energetic patterns of any periodic table element. Take for example Lithium. We know Lithium is a great for treating depression. It acts as an antidepressant for our brain. But if you take a little bit more Lithium than your body can handle, it can put you in a coma, as it damages the liver. But if you can reproduce the energy of Lithium, which we did, you can have the antidepressant effect without any side effects. You can replicate the energy of Magnesium, which will stimulate the absorption of calcium, and so on. We have experimentally proven that we can do this.

Chinese medicine did a lot of work with subtle energy, using acupuncture and other methods. The Chinese were aware of properties of this energy, some of which they identify with the five elements—wood, water, fire, earth and metal. We discovered how to create energetic patterns following the rules of Chinese medicine.

Another method we are using is called mapping. Every substance in the world—be it herbs, essential oils, gemstones, and so on—has a specific energy pattern, or an energetic signature, which our equipment allows us to copy. More than that, if you are a psychic healer, and you can project some energy on a human being and heal some illnesses, we can record your energy and reproduce it. We have done scientific experiments proving that this energy can be recorded and replicated.

We are also combining these energy patterns into new formulas, as it’s done in chemistry by combining different substances, or in Chinese medicine by combining different herbs. This allowed us to create some very sophisticated energetic formulas.

Top 10 Subtle Energy Takeaways

Yury's Top 10 Subtel Energy Takeaways
  1. Only 4 percent of the world that surrounds us can be seen or measured.
  2. Science calls the remaining 96 percent “dark energy.” For blind people, everything is dark, so this means science is blind on this topic.
  3. Ancient wisdom traditions call this energy Life Force, Prana, or Chi.
  4. The laws that govern this energy are quite different from the laws of physics.
  5. Every substance in the world—be it herbs, essential oils, gemstones, and so on—has a specific energy pattern.
  6. Using technology, it is possible to record these energy patterns, just like you record music onto a CD.
  7. These energy patterns can be infused into any substance and used to enhance the potency of any product.
  8. Scientific experiments prove that humans can influence this energy with their thoughts.
  9. People are becoming more sensitive to subtle energy and there are tools to train your sensitivity.
  10. Using technology to detect, record, and reproduce energy patterns opens enormous possibilities.


The more we know about subtle energy, the more we can take care of our wellbeing and enhance our life experience.

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Sounds like “energetic alchemy.”
Yes, one could say we are alchemists. In China, at the Institute of High Energy Physics, many years ago they did experiments using the energy of Qigong Masters. One of these Qigong Masters, who was also a medical doctor—Yan Xin is his name—was able to change the decay rate of radioactive elements, which is absolutely not possible from a scientific point of view. The radioactive process exists inside the nucleus and is produced by so-called weak force known to physics.

This process definitely involves subatomic particles, meaning the energy Dr. Yan Xin projected was influencing subatomic particles. A whole book was published about this, using a scientific Qigong explanation—you can find it online. Our science is totally silent about this experiment, which implies that this energy is capable of influencing basic laws of physics, like radioactive decay rate. It’s tremendously important to understand how this energy influences these laws.

Second, as we already discussed, if this energy communicates with human mind, this creates enormous possibilities for research, and also for understanding how the Universe works. If it influences our mind, maybe our mind can assign certain properties to this energy. Dr. Yan Xin could tell this energy to change decay rates. He could increase the decay rate or decrease it, according to his wish.

Also, since it’s possible to use technology to detect, record, and reproduce energy patterns, this opens enormous possibilities. For instance, if Dr. Yan Xin can produce an energy pattern we can record, we can use it all over the world in unlimited quantities and applications.

The question you raised about how this energy communicates with human mind is very important, and the ability of this energy to bypass laws of physics needs to be carefully investigated. We’re just in the beginning of this process. While mainstream science is not very open to it, some frontier scientists are doing this research. For instance, Dr. Claude Swanson wrote a book called Life Force: The Scientific Basis.

Are humans becoming more “energetically sensitive”?
Yes, more and more people are becoming sensitive to subtle energy, and you know what is interesting? People in the southern countries of our planet appear to be more sensitive. I was did a report after some conferences in Mexico and practically all the people who participated felt these energies, while here in the US, probably only 10 to 15 percent of the population feels subtle energy.

Our Western culture conditions us to live “in our heads” so we lost touch with our bodies. Southern people are much more connected to their bodies. It’s not that we don’t feel these energy at all, we simply cannot recognize the feeling. I was amazed how many South Americans came to me and said, “Wow, I feel this and that.” We showed them our EMF transformer, which helps to overcome the negative effects of phones on your brain, and all of them felt it. Here in the US, most people aren’t sensitive to electromagnetic energy. It’s an experimental fact.

Do you have any tips for how we can “tune our antennae” to this energy?
People who start working with our energy tools definitely become more sensitive, because these tools carry very powerful energetic patterns. They’re much stronger than even the energy which is usually coming from healers. When people put our drops in water and drink it, they start feeling something, and as they pay attention to this sensation, gradually they learn how to feel different energy patterns. Even myself, I was not sensitive in the beginning. Now all my team members participating in the testing can feel the effects.

So yes, it’s possible to train your sensitivity. This is one of the goals we have with our technology. When you becomemore sensitive, you feel how your environment influences you. You feel when being in a certain place is not good for you. When you are buying a house, you realize it doesn’t feel good, or on the contrary—it’s so pleasant! It adds a new dimension to your perception of the environment.

Sometimes you meet someone, and you feel this person’s energy is poison for you. You cannot be around this person. Other people, they don’t need to say anything and you feel an incredible attraction to them. This interaction of energies between different people can be very useful—and we lost it. Our energy tools help to restore our sensitivity.

In addition to your energy tools, your company offers “energy infusion” services. Can you say more?
Any remedy can be improved by infusing it with subtle energy, meaning the healing effect will have a much wider spectrum if the appropriate energy pattern is added to this substance. From the beginning of our research we found that when doctors combine our energies with other substances, this tremendously enhances the effect of say, homeopathic remedies, herbs, and even pharmaceuticals.

Over time some open-minded companies came to us and said, “Can you take our remedy, or our supplement, and find some energy pattern which enhances its properties?” We found that when we infuse subtle energy—often a small amount is all it takes—and mix it with the substance, it works faster, its bio-availability is higher, and so on. Also, if you add subtle energy to regular water, it helps you to relieve stress and calm down the sympathetic nervous system. Much can be done by combining substances and energies.

“Every substance in the world—be it herbs, essential oils, gemstones, and so on—has a specific energy pattern, or an energetic signature, which our equipment allows us to copy.”

You mentioned the Qigong master who was able to interact with energy using his consciousness. On the other hand, you are using equipment and technology. How do the two work together?
Any substance interacts with subtle energy. As I said, we created a technology where we use a plasma that interacts with the energy to record and reproduce these energy patterns. Human beings also communicate with energy. The only difference is that as a human being—this is really strange, but it’s an experimental fact—you can interact with this energy and tell it what to do. Using equipment—applying different types of modulations, for instance—you also can technically tell this energy what to do. It’s a different approach to the same kind of energy. It can be incredibly powerful if you combine human ability with technology.

I read somewhere that if the person doing the experiment doesn’t believe it will work, this actually distorts the energy pattern.
Yes. Long ago at UC Irvine we did experiments with Professor Joie Jones on how negative energy—Dr. Jones called it “dirty energy”—influences, let’s say the healing process. Dr. Joie Jones asked Pranic healers to heal cells damaged by gamma radiation. He proved that it’s possible to help these cells get back to life. Then he started working with us, and we also found energetic patterns which restored cells damaged by gamma radiation.

It’s interesting that this required an energetically “clean” environment. These Pranic healers always cleaned his lab before doing the experiment, and they had a 90-percent success rate. In a “dirty” environment—a lab where animals were dissected, for instance—the energy of healers and also our energy were much less effective, and sometimes not effective at all. You need a clean environment to produce a better healing effect. Which means it is also possible to enhance the effectiveness of any healing modalities by energetically cleaning the environment, say in hospitals for example.

You pointed out something very important, because if you can do it with your mind, you can produce not only positive, but also negative effects on the process, whether it’s a healing process or an experimental process. There were examples where we showed that one person who is doing this very sensitive experiment can have positive results, and another person who has a negative mindset about it cannot have the same result. The observer having his way of thinking creates a specific energy, which influences and affects the process.

I understand we’re just starting to discover this whole field of subtle energy, and it’s very exciting. What’s your ideal vision for the next five years?
I see lots of possibilities. My dream is first to educate people about subtle energy and show them that it’s absolutely real. Many people, not only me, are doing experiments all over the world to prove this. We even know that this energy influences gene expression, meaning it influences our genetic processes.

Through our company, we want to supply this energy to as many people as possible, for instance by infusing it into products or supplements. Using these energies can enhance our health, prevent diseases, and neutralize the negative effects of the environment on our life.

The more we know about subtle energy, the more we can be safe, and the more we can take care of our wellbeing. One healer put it this way: when we take a physical substance as medicine, while ignoring the energetic component, we’re only using about 4 percent of what’s available to us. What if we could learn to increase that percentage to at least 50 percent?

By making subtle energy more known and available to more people, I believe we can be much healthier as a society and civilization.

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