Caius Hale is a Millennial leader in the UK who is building an international team by “serving the underdog,” meaning people like him who don’t fit in anywhere else. He joined a US-based wellness company a year ago, reached six-figures nine months later, and is well on his way to become a six-figure monthly earner with a mission.—J.G.

Where do you hail from?
I was born in England in 1981. I’m one of those people, the misfits I guess—the geek in school with no friends to speak of, the one with a home “bowl” haircut. The quiet one who knew his spellings words, but couldn’t speak a sentence to anyone.

My father owned a yellow “three-wheeler”—basically an upgrade from a motorbike, but not quite a car. We lived in “The Project” with my five sisters, and yeah, it was a place fitting of the name. My siblings and I had an abusive childhood—not pleasant, but it gave me the resilience to tough out anything life could throw at me.

I don’t say this for any kind of sympathy, but to paint the picture, the reality of my background: I am regular, run of the mill. Average or below you could say was my setting.

My teenage years were again fraught with bad crowds and poor decisions. I tried to fit in, but became an outcast—from both my family and social circles. I ended up in foster care and “the system,” a tough place for most, but one thing humans are is adaptable.

In 2002, with no qualifications to speak of, I joined the fire service, for which I am thankful. I persevered for 14 years in that job, which was wonderful for the five minutes a day I got to help people and extend myself.

The rest of the time I had that itch to be more, knowing I could be more, and not wanting to die without trying something bigger. I realized I would never reach the pinnacle position of chief officer in the fire service–I don’t play politics too well. I knew something needed to change.

Thankfully you found network marketing.
In January 2016 I partnered with my first company. I was broke, in debt, depressed, medicated, and I was at yet another gloomy low point in my life. We all live through these repeated lows, and the key is to make the decision to change the course of your life, not to repeat the same actions but to rather act new.

My only mistake was joining a team full of glitz, but no reality. Looking for help and nurturing, I was instead once again alienated because I wanted to do things differently. It’s this tribal and limiting ethos that so often creeps into network marketing that I wanted to make my mission to change. A few months after joining, I left that company and team.

In August 2016 I joined my current company. I watched a 20-minute video of Eric Worre on YouTube and had an epiphany. I realized there was one thing standing between me and success: work. I mustered up relentless focused ambition and ridiculous work ethic. Going to bed at 2 am, waking up at 7 am, and filling every second with productive activities is the only way to progress rapidly.

I built my whole organization myself, from the ground up with no handouts, no assistance from above, and no upline support.

My point is: only you can get this done, and the satisfaction of getting it done yourself outweighs the glory of having it handed to you. I also recognized that I could maybe create a culture that I fit into, because I would be making it. I would design it. The brave will prosper.

Who are your mentors?
I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, but I have none. Eric Worre, in the early days, was the one I would look at to kick me off in the right direction. But even so, I only read half of his book. Here is why: I dare not read or watch anything to grow my mind, because I feel it will influence what I do—and I want to be an original. I am an original.

I invented my own recruitment process, for example. I call it The Holy Grail to Recruitment. I have broken down everything I learned through trial and formulated the easiest process possible. I first tried to teach people precise scripts and responses, but this approach doesn’t duplicate. Today I have made it so simple that every situation is covered with one or two easy responses using basic human psychology and Facebook algorithms.

I wake up wanting to change network marketing and the expectations of the leadership. I want to create a culture of giving back to the team bigger than ever, real genuine love for your people, and to demonstrate that with belief every single person can win here, not the few. I want to do it my way, because I believe in myself over anyone who’s been here before me—and that is the biggest tool you’ll find to making things happen.

Why did you select your current company?
I joined because I believed in someone for the first time—my company CEO, Armand Puyolt. His message just resonated. Like me, he wants to change things for everyone. Nine months into the business, I achieved my first goal: I cleared $60,000 for April 2017.

My entire focus is on helping my people succeed. I am blessed with the brightest and most brilliant team. They have inspired me with their stories and remind me always why I do this: to help others who don’t know yet what we can do for them.

This business isn’t easy, and I found a level of complication and insincerity to it when I started. Over the course of my short career, I learned that network marketing is meant to set the “little guy” free. This is what we need to get back to. I didn’t see much of this happening, so this is what I want to change. I want to find the old-school roots of this glorious business model, then add my own take to it.

How is your business growing?
I made six figures in less than a year and I will be hitting six figures monthly very shortly. I have 6,800 people on my team, called Teamstrong, and we are rapidly expanding in the UK, Canada, US, Nigeria, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, France, Ghana, and Australia.

We already have many six-figure earners. The underdogs of networking have prevailed—not only in building a fierce and powerful team, but also in changing the culture for the better, especially in the UK, with less complication and more love. I cannot speak for the entire business sector in the UK, but what I have experienced isn’t pleasant—tribal atmospheres, brainwashing, backstabbing, and manipulation. This we are changing. When it’s highlighted without shame and others see a better way, things have to change eventually, because humans are naturally good souls.

My team and I exemplify what can be achieved with an “all out” mission and a freaky psyche, meaning we all believe in lightning rapid action. We are a real-life success story of a community of thousands. I am so proud to have what I now call my “true family,” a place where we can all fit in.

What’s your vision going forward?
My dream is to gather all those who didn’t fit into life’s norms and bring them with me to a place where we all win. That’s how life should be, and I know I can help many.

I have a huge team of people who believe in me and what we are trying to achieve. It’s more than just earning a wage; it’s changing the lives of every person who maybe hadn’t reached their full potential elsewhere.

Every day I wake up full of energy and insanity (who in their right mind thinks they can change the world?) about what I need to do next to ensure everyone’s success. If this isn’t motivation enough, I do not know what is. I tell my people, “We are already rich, we just need to take it.”

My brain hasn’t yet had time to catch up with my success, but already I have books to write, even ideas of movies to make, and other business ideas to grow the money made from network marketing. In what other business can the little guy win so big, so soon, so powerfully? There is none. This is why I love network marketing. I love it for what it has done for me, how it has grown me and taught me to trust and love people again in the most genuine way.

I look forward to maxing out my people’s lives in all aspects—a Divine Life indeed for all. Plus I get to afford a better haircut nowadays.