Jul/Aug 2017 Issue
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Dr. Josephine Gross

Under Promise and Over Deliver

Edwin Haynes

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Edwin Haynes is a multimillion-dollar earner in network marketing with a growing organization of a quarter million people worldwide. Yet this is only one of the multiple businesses in Edwin’s portfolio. While he’s all about diversification, he has a special love for direct sales: he knows the value of residual income, but what he values even more is how the business requires people to change and grow.—J.G.

Tell us about your life do prior to network marketing.
I grew up in Greenville, a small town in Mississippi. My mother worked for a large corporation, and when she was transferred to Houston, we moved there. This gave me a big city view and increased my already strong desire to be successful. I didn’t have a privileged childhood. I thought I was going to be an attorney, because I liked the prestige. In high school I used to carry a briefcase when other kids had backpacks. I knew I was destined to make money somehow.


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