I have a pink door on my corporate office. It’s pink for a reason: to show women that they are entering an environment and a culture where they are celebrated and appreciated.

You see, if you want to build your company, your team, your future to last, build it around a strong customer base—people who love your products and culture—not because of a paycheck, but because you care. I’m not talking about caring if they order, just caring about them and their experience with your products.

There’s a proven philosophy that says the customer is king—or more accurately, queen, given the fact that 76 percent of network marketers and 80 percent of social media influencers are female. Women are typically the gatekeepers for the largest network marketing product categories—dietary supplements and skincare.

Here’s another fact: women can be wonderfully loyal customers, provided they feel treated like queens and you represent a product they can relate to and get excited about.

Here are my two tips for building a loyal customer base:

First, get great at social media. A few years ago, Gary Vaynerchuk came into my office and told me—in a style only he can get away with—I suck. I wasn’t on Facebook, Instagram, never did a video blog in my life, had no idea what social media was about. Gary was right. I proceeded to pay him a boatload of money to learn how to get great at social. It can change virtually every aspect of your life—your business, your social life, your spiritual life, your family life—and the best part? It’s free! But that can be a problem… When things are free, we sometimes don’t take them as seriously as we would if we had to pay for them.

Second, “forever” is a long time. My dad taught me this as he raised me in a network marketing household. Many people tend to focus on the “right now.” What is my customer buying? Why are they not buying? My downline left… my upline sucks… Leaders don’t let these challenges define them. Why focus on the now, when the future is where we’ll all be spending our time? We’re in the people business, and when dealing with people, one thing you can always count on is change.

If people have a great experience with you, when they stop ordering or leave your business, they realize your relationship with them wasn’t just about the money. Customers need to know you care, regardless. And so does your team.

The beauty is that you can create that reputation. You can be great in all circumstances. People love being around great leaders. If they leave and you love on them anyways, they might come back—or not. You can’t let them define you.

Sometimes it’s hard, really hard, but what do you know that’s really valuable that comes easy? And you are valuable.

BK BOREYKO is founder and CEO of a new company that uses direct-to-consumer influencer marketing to promote health and happiness. He is the proud father of six and resides in Arizona.