Originally from Mexico, Ada Caballero is a powerful leader of people who just reached the rank of Diamond in a growing international wellness company. Based in Southern California, she leads a growing team in the US, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Spain.

Prior to her current success, Ada worked with six different companies, some of which she thrived and excelled in, while others made her wonder if network marketing was for her.

Ada says “the roller coaster of painful experiences ended once I recognized that I am the cause and effect of any decisions I make, and that I am in control of my emotions in any moment.

“Today I realize that all my previous experiences were lessons that made me into who I am today. I acknowledge all my teachers and mentors who have contributed in helping me polish that Carbon into a Diamond.”—J.G.

Immigrating at Age 16
Ada was born in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas in Southern Mexico. When she was one year old, her family moved to Michoacán on the West Coast of Central Mexico.

“My mother is from Chiapas and my father is from Michoacán,” says Ada. “This always created some tension but also diversity in our household. My siblings and I learned what it’s like to struggle financially and try to get ahead in life.

“My mother was a warrior. From her, I learned the art of sales and the way of business, even if it wasn’t the most correct way. Watching her scrape by and struggle to cover our living expenses taught me a valuable lesson: that nothing is impossible when your heart desires it.”

Ada’s mother was a dressmaker and taught her the values of love and respect towards others, that “no matter what blows life has given you, you should move forward sowing seeds of love in every relationship you encounter.”

Ada’s childhood was not easy. “I faced many challenges and many tears,” she says. “These painful lessons are what made me grow strong and forge my way in pursuit of a better life.”

Ada left her home as a teenager to pursue a better future in the US, where she met the hard life of an immigrant making minimum wage.

“At age 16, I was going to nursing school in Mexico,” she says. “At the hospital where I worked, we had a lot of Americans who came to get medical treatments that are not legal in the US. This is how I met an American lady who took an interest in me, and promised she would take me to the US if I was willing to work for her.

“She told me to meet her in Tijuana, where she would pick me up and help me over the border. I had a difficult relationship with my father at the time, so I was eager to get away. I was business savvy and had made some money selling different things, so I felt I was able to make my way to Northern Mexico. I was eager to try my chance at going to America, at least for a couple months, or so I thought.

“When I arrived in Tijuana, my patient who was to become my benefactor was nowhere to be found. I found myself alone in the street, surrounded by drug dealers and other shady characters, and realized I was in danger. I was crying.

“Through some miraculous turn of events, a lady who knew my family recognized me and said, ‘What are you doing here? It’s too dangerous.’ I told her what had happened, and that I didn’t want to go back home. She said, ‘Come with me to the US. You can stay at my sister’s home and work for her.’ That’s what I did. I moved in with her sister who lived across the border. In exchange, I cooked and cleaned for her family.”

Building a New Life
Ada didn’t abandon her dream for a better life. She knew she needed to work and make money. She wanted to finish school. She looked for a job, but no one would hire her as she was still a minor.

She met another lady who helped her move to a different home in Pasadena. Ada would still be cleaning house, but now she was treated as part of the family. She lived in this new home for a year, until she met her husband and got married at age 17.

Ada became a mom at 18. “It was difficult,” she says, “because my husband was very controlling. He also became physically and emotionally abusive.”

Ada was first introduced to network marketing in 1990. “A woman knocked on my door and offered me natural vitamins,” she says. “My career options were very limited, so I was working in a restaurant at the time. To be honest, I did not see myself selling products going door to door like she did. But she said something that caught my attention: she was a mother of five children and her husband did not work, so they were living off of her multilevel marketing business.”

Ada was curious so she agreed to meet the lady at her house. When Ada arrived there, she thought she had the wrong address, because it was a very big and beautiful home. Before ringing the doorbell, Ada called the lady, who confirmed, “Yes, this is my home!”

The house was the kind of place Ada had always dreamed of. “Seeing this place opened my mind, so I accepted this lady’s offer to show me how to sell the product and get better acquainted with multilevel marketing.”

After seeing the presentation, Ada decided to join the business, but her husband would not let her build it. “I could only work a couple of hours a day when he was not home,” she says. “The lady who signed me up became like a godmother to me, or at least that’s how I felt. She taught me how to knock on doors. First I felt bad, but I got used to it and became better at it. I wanted to prove that I could do it.”

Within a few weeks, Ada reached the first rank in the company’s pay plan, and six month into it she earned enough points for a car allowance. Unfortunately, her mother got very sick, so Ada had to go back to Mexico. She was there for three months until her mom passed away.

“When I came back to California, I had lost all my points and team,” says Ada. “I was very disappointed with the company, but also with my upline. She knew that if I was inactive for three months, I would lose everything I had built and all my leaders would roll up to her. She could have easily protected me simply by buying even just $40 of product in my name, but she didn’t.”

 Ada felt betrayed, so she stopped doing network marketing for three years.

Working Hard, Losing Everything
In the mid-90s Ada tried a few other companies. She believed in the network marketing business model, but she focused mostly on retail sales, doing only little team building. At one point she did quite well, but the company went out of business. Many of her friends lost money they couldn’t afford to lose, so Ada paid them back.

Again she felt betrayed by the company and disappointed with network marketing. She stayed away from the business for another couple of years.

In 2000 she joined another nutritional company where she learned a lot.

“This company worked very well for me, but again at one point my leaders betrayed me,” says Ada. “Thankfully I had enough money now to move forward with my next dream: get a place to start an event-planning business. I started doing weddings, First Communions, and other family celebrations.”

By this time Ada had divorced her abusive husband and met a new life partner who was supportive of her entrepreneurial ventures.

“I had the business of my dreams as an event organizer and all was going great,” says Ada, “until 2007 the economy came tumbling down and we lost everything—our house, cars, and my business.”

On top of that, Ada’s health had completely deteriorated. She suffered from asthma, cardiac impedance, renal problems, and hypothyroidism.

“I would take tons of pills every day,” she says, “including Lipitor®, Prozac®, Albuterol®, and many more. I felt as though I was a burden to my family, because any money we had would go towards my medications and hospital visits. I would ask God, Why me?

“What kept me alive was the presence of a great man and the love of my life, Jose Luis, always by my side with his words of encouragement, no matter how crazy my business ideas sounded to other people.”

Desperate to find a solution to her health problems, Ada had now joined a network marketing company that sold a juice. But again she fell into a bad nest of leaders who cheated and lied to her.

When Ada lost her house, she and her family had to move into the stock room of her office. They had to wake up early and go to the YMCA, where she knew the janitor, to shower before anyone else was there. Before going to sleep at night, Ada would wonder, “Why is this happening? I worked very hard and lost everything again. Why do I have to experience all this?”

Ada got so sick she became bedridden. She was so depressed all she did was sleep. Then her sister got her interested in Facebook. Ada started going online and playing Facebook games. Having nothing else to do, she played all day, so she became very good. This attracted increasing attention and brought her lots of new friends.

Meeting Her Mentor
One day a post in Ada’s newsfeed caught her eye. It said, “I lost 60 pounds!” She recognized the friend—it was Armand Puyolt, whom she knew from another company. “How did you do it?” she asked him. Armand was an 8-figure earner in another company. “I don’t want to hear about the business,” Ada said. “Tell me about product.”

“How about we meet tomorrow?” said Armand. He drove out to Pacoima where Ada was living to show her the product. She told him, “I no longer believe in MLM. The people always lie and trick you. All they care about is money.”

Armand responded, “Ada, you have to believe in people. Then you will find the right people. Come and work with me.”

Ada was embarrassed to tell Armand about her life. She was severely overweight and really needed his weight loss product, but she didn’t have the money to buy it. Armand gave her some product, which was a detox tea. Ada started drinking it, and for three days nothing happened. The fourth day, the product kicked in and her body started evacuating all the toxins.

“Suddenly I felt different,” she says. “I had more energy. I could think better. I wanted to continue taking the product.”

Armand invited Ada to come to the office in El Monte to pick up more product. As she was waiting for Armand, she start talking with other leaders. She told them she wasn’t going to do the business, that she just wanted the product.

“Can you stay a little longer?” Armand asked her. “When I finish the presentation, I’ll give you the product.”

When Ada saw the compensation plan, she told herself, “Don’t get excited!” When she went home, she thought, “The product is working, the pay plan is good, Armand is great, maybe this is God’s answer to my prayers.”

But she decided to hold off.

Then a few days later, as she was walking down the street, she saw a man in a wheelchair. He was holding up a sign, “Please buy my picture, it’s how I feed my family.” This man did not have legs or hands. He painted holding his brush in his mouth. That’s when Ada realized, “I have money problems, I have health problems, but I have everything: I have hands and legs! I’m whole and complete, I can do anything!”

Learning Experiences
Ada went to meet Armand again and told him, “I want to work with you. But before I do, look me straight in the eye. Tell me I am safe. Not only me, tell me that my people will be safe. Can I trust you?”

Armand promised, “I’m by your side. I will help you change your life. We will change the world, by showing people a better way.”

For the first time in over 20 years, Ada felt she had a leader she could rely on. She started building a team under Armand and stayed with his company for six years.

“All these years, Armand kept his promise,” she says. “Every word he said, he took action on.”

When there were challenges, Armand would tell her, “Ada, this time you can’t leave. You have to be strong and fight for your people.”

Ada felt some leaders in the company were lacking respect for Hispanic people.

“We fought for one year,” she says, “but nothing changed. My team felt like we didn’t have a home. Armand was my leader, so when he started making plans to launch a new company in 2016, I was all in. Preparing the new company, I could hardly contain my excitement. It was like expecting a new baby. When our new home was ready, I announced to all my leaders, ‘I’m going to work with Armand.’

“Everyone came with me, and now, one year later, we have a team of over 2,000 active builders. We are expanding all over the US, but also in Central and South America, and in Europe.”

Reflecting on her journey and turnaround in network marketing, Ada says it was all a matter of growing the right mindset.

“I had to overcome my own fears and understand that I am the one responsible for my own decisions. I had to work on discipline and creating new habits. The biggest obstacle I encountered was how to communicate with my leaders and teach them to practice what they preach.

“This had been a huge issue for me in the past and something that paralyzed me before, because I had been very impulsive when it comes to business. I didn’t have a great connection with my leaders, so when they would try to teach me something, I was unteachable.

“Now I know the dos and don’ts of this business. Everything is a learning experience. Finding a great teacher and mentor in Armand Puyolt made it very easy for me to grow in this profession.”

Leadership Development
Previously Ada had always waited for the arrival of a big leader in her network. “I moved by luck and miracles,” she says. “I believe in God and I thank Him every day for all the blessings He has given me. I’d ask Him to send me the right people for my business, but I don’t believe life is resolved through a miracle.

“I believe God has already given us everything we need to succeed: intelligence to think and apply with every step we take, strength to overcome every challenge, and a will to lead ourselves and others to a better path.

“Our life is already the greatest miracle. Every day I rise with enthusiasm to undertake my business with the firm belief that everything happens for the best. There are no problems, only challenges to resolve. If we want better results, my leaders and I look for solutions together. Everything is based on what I do, they duplicate my actions, so therefore I stand as a professional in everything I do.”

Today Ada no longer looks for superstars. Instead, she seeks out people who want to work on their dreams and duplicate what she does.
“I help those who set measurable goals for the short and long term,” she says. “I give webinar trainings and we celebrate our achievements as a united family.”

Ada loves all types of prospecting, but she says she builds a lot online. “The internet offers more possibilities for networking, but I am also fascinated by the cold market, as in meeting new people in actual face-to-face interactions, where I introduce my product to other professionals or business owners.”

Ada starts ever day with a morning call for her team.

“I work on ethics and values with my people,” she says. “They are not just partners, I care for each person who joins my network as a family member. I want to know if their life is balanced, and what dreams and aspirations they have. I want to understand their weaknesses, limitations, and objectives so that we can work together on finding solutions.

“If necessary, I have no problem telling them what I think, because this is not about me, it is about them. I provide education and empower them by my example. No matter how exhausted I am, I constantly look for ways to help them. Through my experiences and hardships, I feel I have acquired a university degree in leadership. Now it’s my turn to help others solve problems and achieve their goals.”

Gratitude and Legacy
Ada feels Armand Puyolt has been the best gift God has brought into her life.

“Armand has influenced me so much in how to network and establish new connections that could open new doors,” she says. “From the beginning his actions were always consistent with his words.

“Also his wife Esther Ramos helped me a lot along the way. She helped me rediscover myself, educated me about health, and taught me that good health is the strongest foundation for creating a good life. Esther helped me have better self-esteem, which would lead to more positive interactions with others and a brighter outlook on life.

“I was influenced by many books such as the Bible, The Secret, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and other books on leadership. I also studied books on how to motivate people based on their different personalities.

Today Ada feels fortunate to be able to share with people the results of her experiences. Some of the skills and areas she helps people develop include organization, discernment, thinking big, respect, creativity (originality), and patience.

Above all, Ada teaches people to believe in themselves.

“Focus on the wonderful things you know about yourself. You can fool everyone, but you can never fool yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who appreciate you, and flee from any negativity around you.

“Think of the legacy you want to leave for your children and what you would like them to say about you after you are no longer here. Love yourself and thank yourself because you are a unique human being.

“Fight to be a better person. If someone can do it, then you can too. If there is nobody doing the right thing, be the first to do it. Go the extra mile, pay the price, and you will obtain anything you want, as long as you live and work with enthusiasm and passion.

“I want the people with whom I share my life path to say: Thanks to Ada Caballero, I was able to surpass my limitations and teach others to increase their income and let go of their fears.

Today Ada feels unstoppable.

“I am loyal towards my company, and sincere, as it is my source of attraction. I am excited about the new challenges each day brings. I know my weaknesses, and I work on them each day to become a better version of myself, so I can give my people all the best of me.

“I know exactly who I am and what I want to be. I know that I am the result of my actions and if my people generate income, then I generate results. I learned and teach how to be productive through habits and applying our five-step system.”

Ada is also passionate about the global development of network marketing.

“I want all the people I touch to transform their life from tragic to magic, as happened to me seven years ago. The legacy I want to leave on this planet is to be an inspiration for others. Yes, you can! No matter what your past is, degree or no degree, you can be an icon in a network marketing company.

“I want to be remembered as a woman who overcame schemes and works with ethics, values, ​​and respect—but above all, a woman who leads with love and cherishes each person who enters her network.

“In truth, we are all people looking for the light of peace, love, money, recognition, and success. At the moment, our task in the world has not been completed. We now are dedicated to finish our job.”