Todd Falcone

We’ve probably all heard the phrase, “the customer is always right.” In other words, you should always be striving to create an ultra-high level of customer satisfaction. A happy customer is the best customer. Happy customers lead to long-term, reliable income.

If you’re in network marketing, you need to have customers. You cannot build a sustainable business on distributor-only consumption. And... you don’t want to, because regulators hate it! A legitimate, real business means having real customers who are not involved in your business.

Putting customers in your business is the right thing to do for two important reasons:

  1. You Create Lasting Income. When you create a base of people who love your products or services, regardless of whether they are in your business or not, you’re creating a basis for having residual income that sticks. Think about it... if all you’re doing is signing up distributors and hoping they will be long-term customers, you’re in for a rude awakening. Sure, some will stay, even if they don’t build the business. But many will leave if they’ve given the business a try and aren’t earning enough to cover the cost of their products. Customers don’t care about your compensation plan. They stay because they like the products and what they’re doing for them. You need customers to create lasting income.

  2. You Make More Money. The reason network marketing companies exist is to get products or services in the hands of end users. If every distributor in your organization had only a handful of customers each, you’d create a business that was doing as much as five times the revenue of one that was based on distributor-only consumption. The reason network marketing companies exist is to create a large network of people who consume their products—customers!

Here are three simple ways to increase your customer base:

Ask. I know it sounds obvious, but simply asking someone, “Hey John. I’m looking to grow my new business... Would you do me a favor and try my product for a month and give me your feedback? If you love it, I’ll show you how to get it wholesale or even free... And if you don’t, I won’t ask you again.” There’s power in asking.

Use your guarantee. Most companies offer some type of money-back guarantee. Why not use it when you have to in order to incentivize someone to try out your stuff. “Hey John, one of the best things about the way this company works is they offer an unconditional empty bottle money-back guarantee! So you can try the product for an entire month, and even if you use all of it, they’ll refund all your money if you feel you didn’t like it. You have nothing to risk, and you’d be doing me a huge favor for trying out my product and becoming one of my customers...”

Follow up until they create a story. If you want to keep more your customers on your products or services, you need to stay on top of them for the first 30 to 60 days and help them to create a positive product experience. Don’t ever assume they know how to take your products or use your services. When I have a new customer, I show them the best way to use my products. I want them to have the best experience and see a result or a benefit. Don’t ever sell someone a box of your stuff and hope they’ll figure it out for themselves.

Bottom line is this: customers increase your bottom line. If you want to increase your income, you’ll do it by making customer acquisition a priority in your organization and making it a part of your culture. Recruiting is a critically important skill and activity in network marketing. However, you should be using recruiting as a means to getting more customers, not simply to go recruit another person. You need both.

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