Jenny Rose Heartsong

Customers are the lifeblood of business. So how do you grow a customer base in network marketing that keeps buying each month?

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and had a server go above and beyond? Maybe they had a skip in their step and a huge smile on their face and you felt like they were loving every moment of serving you. What do you do? Of course, you give them a generous tip and you return as soon as you can. 

Have you ever been to a restaurant that had decent food, but the service was horrible? Did you go back there, or did you try a different restaurant? 

I invite you to think of a time when you received outstanding customer service. Think about how it made you feel in your body, and how exciting and fulfilling the experience was. 

Remember this next time you’re talking to a prospective customer, or following up with one to enroll them into continued use of your product. Your customers want to be inspired by the way you are showing up, and how you are energetically interacting with them. Are you service–minded? Loving? Connected? Joyful? Grateful?

This way of being will attract customers to you, effortlessly and with ease, whether on the subway, in a Starbucks line, via Facebook or social media, or in any other creative way you can invent to attract customers into your business. This joyful energy will attract customers who continue to buy from you, as long as you serve them by following up with uplifting, nurturing messages and calls. Remember it’s more about the way you’re showing up energetically than about the words you are using. 

Why are customers important in our business?
Are you interested in having another part-time job? Or are you interested in a monthly check that comes in regardless of whether you work or not? I know my vision includes sitting at the beach, drinking my cold glass of lemonade, and getting my monthly check whether or not I’m making calls. 

Residual income happens when large masses of committed customers order product every single month. Have you been committed only to finding new distributors while forgetting about the eager customers who are excited to support you?

When you’re involved in a community and part of a bigger cause, how does that make you feel? Did you open up right away to your network marketing team community, or did it take time? 

In my experience, customer retention in network marketing often takes painting a picture and building a loyal community around the customer. That includes many different forms of inclusion and inspiration. Our company is very focused on and good at community building, and we use a large variety of presentations to build retention. This includes Facebook Lives where we give away free product and other prizes, along with home meetings where we sample products and make people feel included.

Our corporate team also hosts weekly product calls with the owner of the company. We have monthly membership specials on products and sometimes flash sales on popular products. The best part is we help people earn their products for free. We teach them that if you share the product with three people and they become regular customers, your product is free! How exciting is it to empower others to be empowered? 

Our company culture is all about creating a movement in healthy living that reaches far beyond the company. We have hours of education about nutrition and holistic health. We learn how to empower customers to read labels and take control of their health. It is a movement with a mission.

Through our group Zooms, we are also creating a solid foundation for personal development, resulting in a vibrant culture and tribe of people who are passionate about making a huge difference for generations to come. 

Then we have our Million Mom Movement (M3), inspiring mothers to take control of the kitchen and make a difference in the lives of their families. 

What inspires you to click on something online and ask for more information? Do you buy right away or only after being a loyal fan of the advertiser? Do you buy a lifestyle, or do you buy a product? I would say 99 percent of all sales are people buying a feeling, not the actual product someone is supplying.

What feeling are you selling? In my business, 90 percent of my customers come from Facebook. I avoid selling products on my personal page. Instead, I sell a lifestyle. I sell health, energy, vitality, sexy, fun, adventure, beauty, creativity, love, passion, play, travel, fitness, bikini body, freedom, and a bright future. 

When I provide value, customers come to me. I prospect with purpose. I create a crystal clear idea of whom I want to serve and how I want to make a difference in their lives. Network marketing is a relationship business. That includes customers and business partners.

Do you want to work with people who are angry, frustrated, and draining? Or do you want to serve someone who is inspired, empowered, playful, and fun? The choice is yours. I avoid advertising, click funnels and non-personal forms of prospecting. That’s my choice. What’s yours?

JENNY ROSE HEARTSONG is a passionate learner and inspired student with a “can do” attitude. She started network marketing in 2015 and decided to dive right in! She has a background in yoga teaching, nutrition coaching, and world travel. She is now a leader in her company along with being on her company’s Millennial Advisory Council. “The road to leadership is narrower and more challenging than other roads,” she says, “and that’s what makes it exciting!”