LeeAnn Hayden

In a world where network marketing is growing at such a rapid pace, we need to really look at our personal customer service. Customers are the lifeblood of any business and how you take care of them will determine how successful your business is. A lot of people think that all they need to do is recruit people into their business and then coach them on how to do the same. I have created two very successful network marketing businesses and I used to think that was the key to success. Not until I changed my strategy and focused on customers first did I see my teams really grow.

So how do you find and retain customers?
First, you need to become a “product of your product.” Do you truly believe in what you are selling? On a scale of 1 to 10, where is your belief in your products? It needs to be a 10. Second, how excited are you about your products? People can feel your energy, positive or negative. Third, learn how to ask questions. Most companies have training on how to talk to people. Our profession is the best when it comes to self-development. You truly grow as a person and can make money while doing so.

New customers are everywhere: in the coffee shop, at the grocery store, your children’s school, the local gym, at the nail salon, on social media, and so on. Not only are they everywhere, there are a lot of them who would love your help—whether it is helping them to feel more beautiful, be healthier, or save money.

So how do you talk to people? It starts with saying hello and giving them a compliment.(Be authentic! People can feel whether you are or not.) If you are not used to talking to people, this may be uncomfortable at first. It gets easier as you continue to say hello and compliment people. What you do for work will always come up somehow in a conversation. Once it does, you will start to see an opening to ask a question regarding your business.

If you are in the supplement industry, it could be as easy as “Do you use supplements today?” If you are in the beauty industry, “What skincare do you use?” or “What kind of makeup do you use? What do you love about your current products?”

Ask open-ended questions like these and you’ll be amazed at the conversations you will have and the doorway to sharing your products will open. Don’t be afraid to “close”: if they seem interested, ask if you can give them a demo or a sample, and schedule the next appointment/meeting.
It is very rare for someone to purchase right away. It usually takes about 7 exposures for them to decide. So be authentic, follow up, and don’t take things personally if they are not interested. It usually means they’re not interested right now.

When someone is interested and purchases your products, do you forget about them? Or do you continue to follow up, giving them the best personalized customer service? The latter is key. What I do every month for new customers is check in with them once they receive their products to make sure they know how to use them. I also send a handwritten Thank You card with a little gift in it—usually a small sample of a new product or something I know they would appreciate. I keep a file on what products each person has purchased from me. If you have auto-ship with your company, look at what they order every month. If you don’t, you will want track what they purchase. You will learn what they like and don’t like. This will make it easier to follow up with them on other products you think they might love. When I do this, I don’t feel like I’m “selling” because my passion is helping people feel amazing and beautiful.

Other things that work well are the programs and specials like BOGO (Buy One Get One) sales, Flash sales, rewards programs, free product for hosting a show, whether online or in person. I focus on truly treating each customer as if they were the VIP in my book.

Finally, I acquire customers through Facebook advertising (you need to check with your companies P&P to see if you can do this) through educational videos and blogs, photos, and especially now with Facebook Lives. These live videos are like doing your very own infomercial and people love to communicate live.

Share your products, but also share other things that you love in life when using social media. Don’t just talk about your company, talk about the things you love, and you will start to create a larger network of people who are just like you! I hope these tips help you to grow a strong, beautiful, authentic customer base and see the success you want in your business and in life!

LEEANNE HAYDEN is a cancer survivor, colostomy lifer, mother of five, motivational speaker, and a professional network marketer. Her company, loveleelifestyle.com, is on a mission to help women live a healthy lifestyle, feel beautiful with who they are, and to have the confidence to create their own financial freedom. Connect with her on Facebook @leeannehayden07.