Tom Schreiter

Want to get a clear message inside the heads of your prospects? Here is an effective way to simplify our message. As an added bonus, prospects feel like they can make a decision based upon our “If... If not” statement.
Try it. Here are some examples:

Simple message. Only a few words. And prospects sort themselves out quickly. They feel that the choice is up to them.

How about some more examples?
I love these examples because they summarize what we have to offer. In a few seconds, our prospects understand their choices. They have short attention spans, so long, boring testimonials and research reports won’t work.

Let’s be polite and respect our prospects’ lack of time. We can have fun with these simple sentences.

“If you’re okay with low energy and feeling tired when you wake up, no problem. If not, take our vitamins for 30 days and see how good you can feel.”

“If growing older and slower is okay, relax and enjoy. If not, try our superfood supplement and see if you can feel younger again.”

“If you have time to pay and keep track of multiple utility bills, no problem. If not, let us consolidate all the bills to one bill, and save you some money too.”

“If looking out a car window or sitting on a hot beach is your type of family holiday, great. If not, check out our family vacation packages.”

“If locking the door when the grandchildren come feels natural, no problem. If not, take our 10-minute instant energy drink when you hear them arrive.”

“If you have time to apply makeup for 20 minutes every morning, great. If not, use our matching palette method to save you time.”
“If you are okay with fake-looking paste-on eyelashes, great. If not, make your natural eyelashes look great with our special mascara.”

“If drinking unfiltered water is acceptable to your family, no problem. If not, install our low-cost water filter solution now.”

“If using chemical cleaners are okay with you, no problem. If not, use our natural cleaners and help us clean up our environment.”

“If putting chemicals inside your children’s mouth twice a day when they brush their teeth is okay with you, great. If not, change to our all-natural toothpaste.”

“If paying for overpriced fragrances seems okay, no problem. If not, try these essential oils to get better value for your money.”

“If you are okay with hunger and nagging donut-fantasies every morning, great. If not, try our high-protein breakfast and feel satisfied until lunch.”

Tom Schreiter

TOM “BIG AL” SCHREITER is one of the most skillful and revered educators in the network marketing space. A living legend in the profession, Tom built large distributor organizations and also founded two network marketing companies. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is the author of the Big Al Books. Download his free audio trainings at