For all of us network marketing professionals, now is the time to focus on serving our customers—for so many reasons! Sustainable, predictable growth is coming from companies and teams that are building networks with an abundance of happy “repeat customers.”

Repeat purchases create repeat income, both for you and your teams. We all want to grow large networks of people who love ordering our products or services, over and over again, for as long as possible.

Why would folks keep ordering your product or service? Because you are fulfilling their expectations. Let’s look at the different expectations of a distributor compared to a customer.

When you bring a new distributor into your business, whose primary focus is on creating income, their expectation may be to start earning X amount of money in 90 days, Y amount in a year, and so on. If they don’t reach their goal, you will be faced with unmet expectations, and they may quit.

The distributor’s success is dependent in large part upon things like the skills, desire, or work ethic they bring to the business. It’s not something you have much control over. And for your new distributor to start meeting their earnings expectations, you (or someone in your upline) must be masterful at helping them develop these skills or work ethic. This requires effort and advanced leadership skills.

When you acquire a customer, on the other hand, it’s much simpler to meet their expectations. Offer them a good product that makes their life better, and after that, just be of service: call or text them once their product arrives to make sure they know how to use it. Every so often, send them a link to a relevant article or product update. Easy to do, right?

Network marketing companies are also finding it simpler and more cost effective to meet the expectations of a customer. Customers are more likely to call their friend (the distributor) if they have a question about the product than to call the Customer Service department.

Success in networking marketing is far easier and more sustainable with an organization full of true customers who keep buying your products without any business opportunity attached, simply because they like the value they are getting.

In sync with this issue of Networking Times, this year we chose the theme “Customers” for our ANMP 2017 international convention. Top achievers, company owners and CEOs, and others experts all agree with founder Jeff Bezos’ motto, “Put the customer first.”

From every perspective, adding more customers increases your bottom line, growth, sustainability, and profitability. What would happen if everyone on your team simply added one to three new customers every month? How much growth would you see? You, your team, your company, the regulators—everyone would be happy!

GARRETT MCGRATH serves as President of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP), elected in 2012. With 45 years of combined experience in leading large network marketing organizations, Garrett & Sylvia McGrath are sought-after educators, keynote speakers, authors, and serve on the editorial review board of Networking Times.