If you throw a piece of buttered toast into the air, it will fall butter-side down.” We call it Murphy’s Law—anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I’ve always found this old adage funny… and unattractive. I am an optimist. My life has been guided by the knowingness that wonderful things are always about to happen.

When I first saw The Secret in 2006, I felt like someone was talking directly to me, putting words and images to my optimistic attitude. Without knowing it, I had been applying the Law of Attraction my whole life. With close to 500 millions viewers, the “secret” was out—and that’s a wonderful thing.

I’ve dedicated more than 40 years to the art of network marketing, and I have seen firsthand the extraordinary outcome of a positive mindset. Reality is not what it is, but what we make it to be. “Like attracts like” is a mantra that reminds us of the power we have to shape a happy life… or a gloomy one.

Sales have never been easy, but entering our profession dreading failure makes it even harder. Thinking failure attracts failure. The Law of Attraction can be applied to everything in life, but it’s crucial in business. Being capable of transforming thoughts into things simplifies the most complicated goals and dreams.

What I’ve also realized is that positive thinking, the “art of manifesting,” is just one wheel of the bike. The other one is preparation, of course.

A lot of people get scared with this idea, because the process of mastering a profession—or any endeavor—takes time, effort, and facing the fact that we can always improve, that we are a “work in progress.” However, those who get scared by this forget that the Law of Attraction applies to everything, even to personal transformation and spiritual evolution.

The efficacy of the process of attraction—asking, believing, and receiving— is one of those things reason can’t explain. This may seem frustrating, but I actually take it as a blessing. “The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing,” said Blaise Pascal, nothing less than a brilliant scientist and mathematician.

For me, science is a real source of wonder. I am particularly fascinated by the complex ways the human body works. If you look closely, you realize you are nothing but a system of micro-cells working all day to keep your body alive and in shape. Seeing those little guys do their job is the closest I’ve been to witnessing a miracle.

Funny thing is, we know what our cells do, but we don’t know how they do it. Like life itself, it’s a mystery how they complete their mission. Thinking of The Secret and the Law of Attraction, we can wonder, “Does it really work? Is the path to happiness really that simple?” Well, probably not. Yet, it is.

DON KARN is vice president of North American markets for an international network marketing company. He is a board member of Gabriel Media Group, Inc., publishers of Networking Times, and a board member of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals.