A top earner in a young wellness company, Jennifer Moran has a heart for changing lives. Having been a network marketing professional for almost 12 years, she knows what works and what’s possible. She considers building belief in yourself as the number one key to success. Passionate about personal development, she dedicates her life to helping others achieve their dreams.—J.G.

In 2005, Jennifer was working as a specialty sales rep for a biotech startup. Making a six-figure income, she was driving a company-paid Lexus and enjoyed stock options. Jennifer’s plan was to cash out in four years, as she really wanted to stay home with her three young children.

One day, another rep called Jennifer and asked if she was interested in a business opportunity. Jennifer promptly replied, “I’d be happy to buy some product or throw a party for you, but I don’t do business opportunities.” Two weeks later, Jennifer changed her mind and joined her first network marketing company. “Two things convinced me,” she says. “My sponsor suggested I do it as a fundraiser for my church; and she pointed out the low-cost, low-risk investment.” 

One year later, Jennifer was able to walk away from her pharmaceutical career and stay home with her kids. Eight years later, she had become a top earner in her network marketing company and was driving a “free” Mercedes-Benz.

In 2013, on an award trip, one of her upline mentors, Logan Stout, announced he was going to start his own network marketing company. Despite knowing Logan’s success record, Jennifer was initially not interested. “I didn’t want to start over,” she says. “Also, this was going to be a health and wellness company, and I had been hit up too many times by people wanting to sell me their pills and potions that didn’t have any science behind them and often contained questionable ingredients.”

A few months later, she turned on the TV and saw Logan being interviewed on Fox Business News in a segment titled, “Can You Be a Multimillionaire by Age 25?” Logan was talking about his book “Stout Advice,” his success in direct sales, and owning the Dallas Patriots for the past 18 years.

Jennifer said to herself, “This is like knowing Mark Zuckerberg personally as he’s about to start Facebook.” She immediately picked up the phone and called Logan.

With their core team at leadership event in Jakarta 1st place in 2016 Masters 45+

Walking the Talk
When Jennifer transitioned to her current company, she already had the skillsets and mindset of a top earner, so her business and team grew quickly. “My company is a startup, so finding that perfect, duplicatable system has been the result of trial and error,” she says. “However, after nearly 12 years in this profession, I’ve come to realize that, at the heart of duplication, is belief—belief in the company, the products, the leadership and, most importantly, belief in yourself.”

Jennifer provides leadership to her team members by managing their expectations and “walking her talk.”

“When I joined my health and wellness company, I was neither healthy nor well,” she says. “My oldest daughter challenged me to train with her for an NPC Bikini bodybuilding competition. I took her up on it and took all our health and wellness products for a test drive. The result was beyond what I had imagined, not just in terms of my own transformation, but all the people I inspired along the way, both in and outside my company.

“The challenge required both physical and mental growth, and as a result, I formed a personal development Facebook group (with my John Maxwell team accountability partner and associate Ed Leos) called Building Your Empire. It’s an online community for entrepreneurs, business owners, network marketing professionals and leaders to interact and grow through a series of free training calls and live events. I also have a business page on Facebook for my team (Team LTD: Livin’ The Dream) where we share insights, events, and trainings.”

The 14-Cards Approach
When Jennifer first got started, her upline gave her a “Quick Start” sheet that Jennifer laminated and kept in her car. It showed a step-by-step plan for success, outlining action steps for the first 24 hours, 72 hours, and 30 days. Jennifer followed it to the letter.

As her business grew, she remembers hitting a wall: “I felt I had run out of prospects. Everyone on my list had either joined the business, become my customer, or told me no. I felt discouraged.”

That’s when her mentor, a top earner in the company, gave her a suggestion to help her “eat the elephant one bite at a time.” It required her to move outside her warm-market comfort zone.

“He simply suggested that I keep 14 business cards in my purse or car each week,” she says, “and set a goal for giving out two per day. He encouraged me to strike up conversations with ‘bump-into’s’ at coffee shops, dry cleaners, grocery stores—anywhere I went. He taught me to ask good questions, listen more, and find opportunities to be a problem-solver.”

Jennifer would ask people for their card in return for giving them hers. Her mentor said, “I don’t care how you do it or what you say, just commit to the action of getting rid of those business cards and see what happens.” That daily action totally jump-started Jennifer’s business and moved her to the next level.

Jennifer believes that “what makes you join a network marketing opportunity is the money, but what keeps you in is the lives you change.”

She calls it the “crack cocaine” of network marketing. Her ultimate goal and dream is being able to empower even more people and create legacies beyond her team and company.

“I would love one day to share the stage with powerhouses like Pasha Carter, Sarah Robbins, and Dani Johnson; as well as giants in this profession like Eric Worre, Darren Hardy, and John Maxwell.

“I love to pour into people’s lives! It would be my greatest honor to play a small part in lifting the lid off what most people think is possible and truly help them live their dreams through this profession.” n

On Recruiting

Hi, it’s Jennifer! I was just thinking of you… Remember at Michael’s basketball game the other day when you said your oldest daughter got accepted at an out-of-state college she would really like to attend, but you weren’t sure how you could afford the tuition? Well, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this when I saw you, but I may have something that could help you earn some extra income to cover that cost. Now, it may or may not be for you, but I’d love to meet you over coffee and share it! Would tomorrow after you drop the kids off at school be a good time, or is Sunday after church better?

On Customers