Anahi Borbolla is a young network marketing leader from Mexico who travels the world inspiring young people to live their dreams. Wise beyond her years, she delights in sharing her trials and tribulations, as well as her success secrets, with anyone intent on creating a life of greater freedom and prosperity. Her story below was translated from Spanish. We kept it in the first person to render her voice and youthful enthusiasm as authentically as possible.—J.G.


I was born in Mexico City. My mother was both “mom and dad” to me, so I always saw her work super hard in order to provide for my brother and me. I was two years old when my mom got started in network marketing. I grew up amidst meetings, events, and many people around me all the time, as well as leadership, dreams, trainings, demonstrations, audios, and a mindset that thinks “Everything is possible!”

I remember as a little girl taking note of everything my mother spoke about in her presentations. I also loved “helping” my mother in her business. She used to sell pots and pans, and I remember dancing on top of the pots to show people that the pots were resistant and stainless steel.

Everything I listened to and learned there was definitely working. When I was six or seven years old, I played and pretended that I was presenting the business: I used to sit my dolls and teddy bears in chairs and I stood in front of them and gave them the business plan. I even drew the little circles. Sooner or later, I was going to end up doing network marketing... It was in my DNA.

As part of growing up and becoming a teenager, there comes a rebelliousness towards everything that has to do with your mother. In my case, it was my mother’s business, and for some time, I didn’t listen to her. I saw it as a business for old ladies. It no longer captured my attention.

Thankful for Challenges
Then in 2002 our family experienced a serious challenge: my mother got sick and almost died of a heart attack. She stopped working and after two years our business “died.”

Today I can thank life for putting us in a difficult economic situation. After doing very well financially, we had to face a crisis... After being in the best schools, having a driver, a chef, nannies, and a very good life, we started going through hard changes, including a change of school and home. It was difficult. We had a house that we were rebuilding/remodeling when things started to get difficult, and we had to stop the construction and abandon everything.

At one point, my mother decided for us to go and live there, so that we could rent out the apartment where we used to live. We did that so we would have an income source.

When I say we lived in a home that was under construction and abandoned, I mean just that! When we got to that house, we had to make it habitable. We did it all with our bare hands: we painted, removed carpets, and installed floors, bathrooms, and roofs. It was tough, but it was also very beautiful. This experience united us as a family like never before. Those are the kinds of moments that forge us.

In December 2004 my mother called a family meeting in the living room to talk to us about the following situation: she had been looking for work, even after all the success she had experienced. She was overqualified for most jobs, but after a long search, she received a job offer. She was offered $5,000 a month, but we had to move to another city.

Delayed Christmas Celebration
Around the same time, some old friends of my mother who owed her money and whom she was looking for to collect, offered to pay her with some products during a visit to Mexico. Given the situation, my mother accepted. When they came to give her the products, they ended up showing her the business plan. We had to make some decisions, so that’s why my mother sat us down in the living room for a family meeting and told us the following:

“Kids, we have two options. Either I start in this job where we will have a steady $5,000 a month income, which will give us financial security to do many things, but we would have to move to Chihuahua. Or I start this business from scratch and right from the start we would have to make a lot of sacrifices because we won’t be making money fast.”

It was December, and Christmas was coming. She told us that she had to change Christmas: there wouldn’t be any Christmas tree, no special dinner or presents right now. She told us she would make a commitment and promise to us, and that if we gave her 90 days to give it her all, we would celebrate Christmas in March. My mom submitted the decision to a vote.

My brother and I voted for the second option and we won! It was a good thing, because I thought Chihuahua was a lousy place to move to. I didn’t want to go and live in another city. I didn’t want to leave my friends. If you allow me to be 100 percent honest, that’s the reason I voted for the network marketing business!

My mom asked us for 90 days, and so we started. That Christmas we had roasted chicken and Santa brought us coupons. One for a bicycle, another one for a ball, and so on.

When the 90 days had passed, March arrived and my mom qualified as Emerald: we could finally celebrate our Christmas and exchange Santa’s coupons... It was incredible!

Joining the Business at Age 14
After that, my brother started doing the business with my mom. I saw him work with younger people. My idea that this was a business for old ladies changed. My brother started doing really well, and I saw he always had money. He started travelling a lot, he bought a new car—and I was witnessing all that. I started feeling left out of something that was huge. Eventually I told him, “Hey, I also want to get into this!”

That’s how my network marketing story began. I was 14 years old. I had to register under my grandma’s name in order to be able to start. In the beginning, I didn’t do things right. Just imagine, I was a high school student, and my brother used to present business plans for me in a café near my school. My only homework was to bring people there. I remember on several occasions leaving school and I had missed phone calls from my brother. Then I remembered, “Oops, the meeting!” My brother was waiting for me and I hadn’t invited any guests! I would quickly grab a couple of people and ask them, “Please do me a favor. Can you just sit there and listen to whatever my brother says and pretend you’re interested?” Wrong, I know. I did everything wrong. Funny thing is, I got my first signup partner that way!

Some clueless guy that sat there ended up liking the business and signed up. That’s how I earned my first network marketing check. I remember it like yesterday: a fast bonus of $200 and I already felt like a millionaire!

I started to enjoy making money, so I began to bring more and more people to my brother and mother so they could explain the business. That’s how my organization started.

Commitment to Learning
In reality, I didn’t take the business seriously at first. It was more like a game. I was there, but then again, I wasn’t there. I didn’t have a real commitment. However, I learned a lot. I was going to events, listening to audios, listening to great leaders. Because of this, I built a different mindset. Now, I see how everything that happened before, prepared me for what was to come.

When I finished school and got out into the real world, I was scared when I saw what people were getting paid in a job. How can a person live off those paychecks? How can you give your life to a company and work for someone else’s dreams?

I saw two options: working for somebody else and earning very little money, or getting serious about the business.

I asked my mother, “Mom, I want to do this right. Can you teach me?” That was the moment I decided to really do the business. Things started going a bit better. I made a solid commitment and started treating my business as a business.

It was a marvelous time in my life. My brother was just about to qualify for Diamond, and my mother was double Diamond. At age 17, I qualified for a rank equivalent to Ruby. It was a beautiful time for my family. Doing this together was empowering—and really cool! We travelled around many parts of the world. We grew as a family. Doing this business as a family is a beautiful thing.

One of the great gifts network marketing brought me was the possibility of having a full-time mother. My mom always needed to work and was very successful, but we really didn’t see her much. Thanks to her decision to do this business seriously, we could have mom back home and spend much more time together.


Disaster Strikes
My brother was a great master to me. He taught me how to always make life easier. He taught me to always flow and not to worry, but instead, to take responsibility for things. Every time I was stressed about something, he used to tell me that everything has a solution. “Relax,” he would typically say, “No worries, that’s how you have to live, Hakuna Matata!” He is the main culprit responsible for me doing this business.

Then a disaster happened. After our company convention in Utah, we went skiing and my brother caught a terrible cold that developed into pneumonia, and he suddenly died at age 21. This marked my life forever. It was a very tough moment for my mother and me. I fell into a horrible depression. I didn’t do much in my life for a little over a year.

I had always been a girl with many established goals and dreams, but everything turned grim during that period. Whether I did something or not, it was all the same to me.

It was really hard for me to get out of bed. But one day I woke up, opened my eyes, and I had one of those conversations with the Boss “up there.” I told Him, “If this is the story of my life, I don’t want to go on. This has to change!”

This was another key moment in my life, because I had decided to do whatever I had to in order to get out of that slump. I didn’t want to be sad or depressed any longer. My brother would have never wanted that.

Relaunching a Business
Things changed and for a while I tried to relaunch my business—but I couldn’t. There had been many changes and movements in the company, so I was “on standby.” There were many things happening that I didn’t like. Maybe the whole business reminded me too much of my brother.

I realized I needed to get out of bed and do something. I searched for a job, which I thought would be easy to find. However, when I started looking, I encountered a completely different reality. I managed to help sell some storefronts for a friend who builds shopping malls. Going out brought some distraction, which helped me a lot.

I started doing well. I moved out to live by myself. I had the opportunity to start a restaurant. I did well, but I ended up becoming my own worst boss. I had the mindset of a self-employed business owner and became the manager who opened up and closed, the waiter, the usher, and on some occasions, I even cooked. (This was not a good thing!) Owning a business is like having a new baby: you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.

I got to the point where I was really tired of solving problems all day long. I had many challenging moments where I asked myself, “What am I doing here?” After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books and teaching others about owning their time and living their dreams, I found myself in the worst quadrant. I finally decided, “I have to go back to network marketing. That’s my thing!”

This is how I got back in the game. I believe that once you have tasted the perks of multilevel marketing, you always go back.

I decided that this time around, it would be the best opportunity of my life. This became a key element for my rapid success. Others were thinking, “Is this for real? Will it work?” I already knew it worked, and that I could earn great money with it, so I just moved into action.

Anahi Being recognized as a new Diamond by mom Ana Rosa Santiago and business partner Roberto Flores

The Dynamite Trio
My mother, Ana Rosa Santiago, is my greatest teacher. Not only did she give me fish, she taught me how to fish. The best inheritance I could get from my mother was that ever since I was a little girl, she told me I could accomplish anything I wanted to. She taught me how to dream and how to design my life. Not only that, she taught me how to visualize and materialize my dreams! I remember once when I was little, I invited a friend over to my home for dinner. At the table, she turned to my mother and asked, “Ana Rosa, is it true that Anahí is a liar? Because she says that when she grows up she will have a house in front of the ocean, with dolphins!”

My mother turned around and said “No, not at all. Of course she will have it. She will have and be anything she wants.” My friend must have thought, “What a bunch of nutcases!”

These were the best “programs” anybody could install in me. My mother is a walking encyclopedia. I don’t know anybody who knows more than she does about every topic. I continue to learn from her all the time.

Roberto Flores is our close friend, downline, and business partner. He is our team’s fire! He’s a machine for doing anything. I don’t know anybody more intense and hard-working. If he has to travel to Timbuktu, he will do it. Everything he learns, he puts into practice right away.

The three of us started our business together and in one year and a half, we managed to build teams in more than 36 countries and an organization with over 20,000 people.

We went through very intense times of hard work and many sleepless nights. We were solving situations all over and travelling everywhere. We were getting in and out of planes, going through roads, we had many talks, listened to many audios, and read many books. In the end, I can say it was really worth it!

Getting to Diamond has been a dream for me ever since I started out in network marketing. I think it is a common goal for most in this profession, even though it means different things to different people. We all start out as a piece of charcoal. I don’t know what your process for getting to Diamond is, but it will hurt. You will do things you have never done. You will have many challenges. Today, I feel happy to have made it.

Reaching Diamond
When I qualified for Diamond at age 23, my mother posted an announcement on Facebook saying, “My children grew up in this profession with a clear vision of what it means to be a Diamond, and the service and responsibility it implies. I feel very proud of Anahi as I watch her serve and inspire so many young people so they can build a better future.” My mother’s words were the greatest reward I could have ever earned for reaching Diamond.

When I started out in network marketing, I remember someone asking me, “If money or time were not an issue, what would you do?” I said travel around the world. Today, this is a reality thanks to this business. In the last two years alone I have been in more than 25 countries. Recently I was stopped at immigration because I didn’t have enough space in my passport for another stamp. What an incredible problem to have, don’t you think? I’ve always dreamed about this!

Thanks to this business, at age 24, I have been able to meet incredible people all around the world. I have grown as a person and have learned many valuable lessons—and I will never stop learning.

I own my time. I decide at what time I wake up or eat. Each day is different from the previous one. Thanks to network marketing, I was able to buy my first apartment. I reached my financial freedom. I bought two luxury cars and invested in other businesses. I get to know many parts of the world and take my mother on cruises. One of her dreams was to visit Santorini in Greece. We took a 10-days cruise through the Greek islands to celebrate her birthday and had an amazing time!

I love to be able to inspire more people, especially Millennials, to live a better life—a life with more freedom and prosperity! When you realize that what you do makes a positive impact on so many people, it’s something magical. I never imagined this. It’s like planting little seeds in the world. When people come to thank you because they were able to change their lives, it’s a feeling not even all the money in the world could buy.

“I always ask God to put the right words in my mouth.”

I love what I do. I get to meet incredible people every day. I show them my business, my vision, and the results we’ve obtained so far. I always ask God to put the right words in my mouth so I can inspire more people. I travel around the world, bringing a great opportunity to many people. I have a great time doing it. It’s fun! I love it and want more people to be able to live this way.

I also love how this business allows you to have greater balance, enjoying not just money, but also more free time. This gives you an amazing quality of life! At the end of the day, this is a vehicle for making your dreams come true. In this business, you may get to wherever you want to go. You draw the limits.

Anyone can do it; you don’t need any prerequisites. In reality, anyone who wants it bad enough can succeed. Many people have dreams, but they give up at the first battle. To me, the biggest blessing was to be able to start out young. It’s when you most want to conquer the world.

“Success comes when preparation and opportunity meet.”

A couple of weeks ago I was in Costa Rica at a meeting with a group of teens (between the ages of 14 to 19). We talked about the business and its challenges. This reminded me of my own beginnings. Of course, teens have great challenges. If something is a challenge for an adult, imagine what it’s like for a 15-year-old. They asked me for my best advice for building a million-dollar business. I closed my eyes and went back in time to the moment I got started. I thought about it for a while. Finally I said, “Success comes when preparation and opportunity meet.”  When people ask me about how I got to Diamond at age 23, I tell them I have been in this great profession and was getting prepared for many years.

What opened doors for me despite my age was being prepared. Reading books, listening to audios, attending events, and educating myself for success. The more you walk your path towards success, the shorter it will become. It’s all about learning and practicing. Practicing and practicing. Practice creates mastery!

A professional athlete trains for months to prepare for a competition. Doctors dedicate years of their lives and invest a lot of money so they can be the best. You also need preparation for being a professional network marketer.

Sacrifice and Success Secrets
Of course, there are many sacrifices when you get started. I know how it feels to be on that side. When I started in this business, I didn’t have much money. There were many weekends without going out or shopping. It was “Goodbye parties, goodbye vacations!” for a while.

My friends saw me as “The juice freak,” “Pyramid Anahi,” and “The dreamer.” They used to tell me to “put my feet on the ground.” They made fun of me and even picked on me. But you know what happens now? Not going to those parties with friends and saving that money for next month’s seminar, or not going to the movies (or if I did, not buying popcorn and saving that money for my monthly consumption) and not going out for vacations was all worth it! This is because now, instead of going to Acapulco (the beach near me where everybody escapes when they can), I travel to Hawaii, Thailand, Las Vegas, or Orlando. I sacrificed some vacation days, but now I live on vacation. I sacrificed some parties with friends, but now my life is a party. I have been able to go to the world’s best parties—Tomorrowland, Ibiza, and Dubai...

And you know what the funniest thing is? Nothing around me changed. I changed! We all go through great challenges, but what makes the difference is how much we are willing to overcome and be greater than any situation.

In my experience, the greatest accomplishments in my life have happened after making a decision. The magic of this business happens when you and only you make it happen. Nobody else can do it for you. When you make a serious, real decision, all the pieces come together. The universe conspires to support your decision and all obstacles disappear. When you make a decision, the “how” appears. You find the right people and magic happens!

In order to get to Diamond, you have to decide it. You have to believe it. You need determination. You need to have goals, know what you want, and have a plan for achieving it. It requires knowing what needs to be done and do it, and making things happen no matter what!

No matter how many people say no, how many people make fun of you, how many people stand you up, or how many times you feel you can’t make it, you need to remember you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

The magic ingredient is massive action—doing what needs to be done. Decide today to live the life of your dreams. I’ll see you on the world’s beaches!

There have been many challenges. The hardest one has been dealing with myself—that little voice inside your head that sometimes says things that stop you from growing. You have to learn to shut it up and not allow anything or anyone to stop you.

Sometimes we give too much importance to what other people think or say about us. Up until this very date I have friends who still make fun of me and my businesses. Today, when they call me “Multilevel Anahi” or “Pyramid Anahi,” do you think I care? Hahaha. Let them say what they want! I’ll just say “Hi!” and send kisses from any part of the world.

You have to believe it. Believe in yourself, even when nobody else does. Face your fears and fight for your dreams.

Another challenge was my brother’s death. He was my “accomplice,” my upline, my partner, and my best friend. He was my inspiration for starting this business. I want to dedicate my success to him. I want to dedicate my Diamond rank to him! “Jose Luis Borbolla, thank you, I love you.”

“Don’t dream your life... Live your dreams!”