The phenomenon of The Secret was a cosmic sign that it was time for us to take a leap into higher consciousness. The movie and the book helped to bring us closer to a mind-based, thought-created, intent-activated reality made manifest through the principle of resonance.

The Secret initiated the people who were unaware of the laws of mind; and reinforced this knowledge with those already aware—by sharing stories and testimonials that lent credibility to the way these laws could work in our lives.

People got “hopeful” when they learned about the Law of Attraction, but many attempted to apply it without truly understanding how quantum principles work.

Industrial Age vs. Quantum Age
In my own work QuantumThink® I distinguish two different systems of reality that shape the way we think—the outdated “only physical is real” limited view of the Industrial Age, as distinct from the expanded and more accurate mind-based multi-dimensional view of our Quantum Age.

Not distinguishing which worldview you are thinking from can prevent you from achieving mastery in your ability to create.

For example, intent, the active dynamic of creation that generates the quality of resonance, doesn’t work as cause-and-effect. Intent is a field effect. I make a distinction between intent and intention: intent being the always-present activating force that shifts the field and attracts many results; and intention being more like a course of action that leads to a specific, measurable result in the future.

Suppose you want to accumulate one million dollars in your bank account by the end of this year. That’s an intention, a measurable end result. Then how do you generate the state of resonance that will attract the circumstances to bring about that monetary goal? That’s where the activating force of intent comes in. A statement of intent might be, I am happy and satisfied about the way my financial status is unfolding. There’s no “goal” in the statement. It’s a state of being that continuously emanates. You aren’t being predictive. You aren’t in a cause-and-effect realm. You are conditioning your state, your personal resonance. That’s how you begin to master the Law of Attraction.

The Natural Faculties of Mind
Intent is neither a belief nor is it based in circumstantial evidence. Intent is a created context that operates as a quantum state of probability. From a quantum worldview there are no “fixed” or absolute realities.

In my view, you can only create effectively using the Law of Attraction if you know that:

  1. Intent is not a cause-and-effect dynamic, but a field-effect.
  2. Intent works because there is no fixed way that reality is. Whatever reality you have been holding onto is just a thought you believed as “the way it is.”

The great news is, you and I can transform our state and our circumstances in every moment, because reality is not fixed in stone. When you realize you can shift the field with your intent, you free yourself instantly. Intent is a force which has nothing to do with what you believe.

Today the scientific evidence for mind-to-mind and mind-to-matter connections is indisputable. Yet, applying the spiritual and scientific laws The Secret popularized was a challenge. You have to know how to shift your own resonance for “the secret” to work.

You have to learn how the five natural faculties of mind work in synergy: intent creates; intuition attunes; subtle energy transforms; resonance attracts; meditation connects. You have to clear the static on the radio of your being to make a clear connection to the nonlocal field of Infinite Mind.

It comes down to this: when you master your mind, you master your life—and the world. By mind I mean what you hold in awareness. Our awareness encompasses our thinking, our emotions, our soul yearnings, insights, feelings—everything we resonate. All of this is experienced only when we hold it in awareness.

In essence, what you habitually hold in mind, in awareness, is your resonant field. Intent is the creative dynamic of mind that generates resonance—the attraction factor.

Then you watch for what opportunities show up consistent with your intent—and you interact with them. You have to take action. We live in a physical universe. That’s how the laws of mind express.

Universal Laws Are Practical, Purposeful, and Pleasurable
Ten years into The Secret, it’s time to develop a conscious relationship with the Law of Attraction. In QuantumThink we create a conscious relationship with money using the “mantra”: Money is practical, purposeful, and pleasurable. We can view the universal laws from these same three attributes.

The laws don’t function on their own. They work through us. You have to learn how to use them and apply them in action.

Universal laws are expressions of higher consciousness and thus always relate to purpose. The closer we connect to our unique purpose, the more we’re aligned with Infinite Intelligence and thus, to all universal laws, which immerged from It.

Universal laws are pleasurable! That’s the part we all love about it. “Wow, if this is really how reality works, how cool is that!” It’s not just some nebulous abstraction.

Ten years after The Secret, we are ready to go beyond awareness alone. We want to establish the quantum reality and its operating principles as a way of life. We are ready to become masters of the creation principles applied in practical ways. The Secret is a part of the mastery game of life—if you play it right. That’s why when you master your mind, you master your life.

DIANNE COLLINS is author and creator of QuantumThink®, an evolutionary new system of thinking and mastery practice that integrates laws of quantum physics and universal spiritual knowledge into  daily life as practical living wisdom..