If you’ve been in network marketing 10 years or longer, you certainly remember the movie The Secret. Even if you haven’t, you’re probably familiar with the phenomenon, and perhaps you even remember how it affected your business.

In this issue we asked business and thought leaders, “What have we learned, 10 years later?”

A little context: Networking Times publisher Bob Proctor was the master teacher in the movie. We interviewed him and Rhonda Byrne for our Mar/Apr 2007 issue. We also invited a dozen other speakers from the movie to contribute an article on how “the secret” applies to network marketing. It became one of our bestselling issues.

This time around, we asked the same people: What progress have we made? What are we still grappling with? What are we no longer buying?

Here are some more questions to consider:

To me, these are fun topics to consider, especially in spring as we plant seed for new possibilities. If you asked me what’s the biggest change I’ve seen in our global community, I would say this:

Ten years ago, we talked a lot about manifesting things: a dream home, the perfect soulmate, reaching an income goal. Today, we have grown bigger. Our focus includes but goes beyond what we can acquire or accomplish. We care more about our experience—where we dwell emotionally, and the quality of our energy in each of our actions and interactions.

Our dreams are stated more generally, as in, “I want to grow and help others reach their highest potential.” We all desire friendships and laughter, health and harmony, and yes, wealth and abundance.

We know there is no limit to what we can be or have, and no reason to expect anything less. We also know that material details and specifics are simply “how” we get to where we want go, and not important in and of themselves. Disguised as end results, they are no more than steps in the joyous, never-ending process of becoming more.

We still put pictures on our vision boards to remind ourselves of the kind of possessions and adventures that light us up. But we have learned not to become attached to them, because we are clear on what we truly want: a richer, fuller life of deeper connection, learning, and contribution.

DR. JOSEPHINE GROSS is cofounder and editor in chief of Networking Times.