Mar/Apr 2017 Issue
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Dr. Josephine Gross

Partners in Trust

A conversation with John Haremza and Ted Wilson

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Both veteran network marketing professionals, John Haremza and Ted Wilson recently partnered in an opportunity they consider the final episode in their almost three-decade careers. They chose each other and their company based on genuine enjoyment of working together for a common cause. They reveal their success secrets and strategies to help as many people as possible and contribute to the next generation of developing leaders.

John is the author of Right or Almost Right: The Fine Line Between Phenomenal Success and Average Results in Network Marketing. As John says, “I meet so many incredibly hardworking and talented network marketers who are not seeing the results they expected. It seems they are doing everything right, but the question is, ‘Are they doing it right or almost right?’ It’s the little adjustments that make a huge difference in the results. This book is my opportunity to give back to our profession for how it changed my life.”—J.G.

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