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The Perfect Recruit

A conversation with Angel Fletcher and Ryan Higgins

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Angel Fletcher and Ryan D. Higgins are network marketing leaders who, after being business partners for several years, recently decided to take their relationship to the next level. Today they look forward to impacting even more lives as a couple and in a totally new way.

Angel got started in network marketing sharing a weight loss product. In 2012 she met Ryan who was a product user at the time and completely absorbed by his traditional business of providing swag to their company.

Seeing the time freedom and income potential of network marketing, Ryan followed Angel’s overtures to become a network marketing professional and eventually decided to give the opportunity his full focus. Ryan dedicated himself to personal and professional development, and together with Angel, transitioned to their current company in 2014.

Today Angel and Ryan have a customer-driven business with a sampling program that has allowed them to build a global team from their home in Louisiana. In love with the profession, Angel and Ryan particularly enjoy growing together, helping people, having time for their families, and contributing to their favorite charities.—J.G.

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