When I first got involved in network marketing, I thought everyone else was madly in love with everything about the profession. And I wasn’t! There were some things I hated doing, but I kept doing them because I eventually realized that’s what made me successful.

Was there ever a time when you thought (or stated) you would never, ever get involved in network marketing, maybe because you didn’t love everything about it?

Here’s the thing: it’s actually not required that you love every single part of network marketing to be successful. Most people who have made great things happen have largely struggled to attain their success. They’ve had to fight through enormous pain to achieve their goals. And I guarantee you, they didn’t love everything about their businesses to get where they ended up. But their purpose drove them through the things they didn’t love.

Take a look at Richard Branson. He didn’t love having British Airways trying to run him out of business as he was building his Virgin Airlines brand. He had to deal with things that were most definitely not enjoyable, but he did it anyway, because his purpose was bigger than the pain. Nelson Mandela didn’t love the fact that he was put in prison, but his purpose was big, so he pushed through the pain.

No one likes everything they do at their jobs, all the time. But loving everything isn’t required if your purpose is strong enough.

You don’t have to love every single thing about network marketing either. You don’t have to love doing home meetings, or calling people, or driving across town to meet someone who may not show up. You don’t have to love people not understanding what we have to offer.

As long as your purpose is big enough, you’ll work through those things to achieve your goal. And having a strong belief in your purpose will help.

Think back to a time when you believed something strongly. Has that belief now changed? For example, did you hate a certain food as a kid, and now find you like it? Or, did you ever have the thought that you would never become involved in network marketing? And yet, here you are!

Your beliefs can liberate you, but they can also trap you. Holding on to limiting beliefs can create a reality for you that doesn’t have to be there, and one that is not necessarily true for you. Beliefs such as, “I’m not a good salesperson, I’m not a good leader, I don’t know enough people, I don’t have the right skills, I don’t love everything about network marketing,” can limit your potential.

On the other side, there are beliefs I encourage you to embrace—beliefs that say, “I am capable, I am a leader, I am put on this earth to do something powerful, I am made to do something amazing.”

Hold on to the beliefs that empower you. When you are empowered and present, it’s easier to push through the temporary pain and discover your true gifts. In the process, I’ll bet that you’ll come to love more than you ever thought possible about this great profession.

Eric Worre is founder of Network Marketing Pro, the largest community of network marketing professionals in the world.