Based in Brentwood, Tennessee, Natalia Yosco is a stay-at-home “mompreneur” who leads a massive organization in an established skincare company.

Trained as a figure skater, Natalia developed early on the mental toughness and strength that would help her succeed as an entrepreneur.

Natalia first discovered direct selling through a friend in 2005. When Natalia’s husband John found their current company in 2008, the couple instantly recognized it as a vehicle that could dramatically change their family’s financial future. Seeing the vision and fueled by faith, Natalia immediately took inspired action. Today she has “power partners” all over North America and looks forward to taking her business global.

Natalia is author of The New BFF—Being Financially Free.“My business partners are my BFFs,” she says. “We don’t just work together; we do life together. I see myself as a team-building specialist who loves to pay it forward. My mission today is to provide support and guidance to women across the globe so they can live the life of their dreams through independent business ownership.”

How did your childhood prepare you for your life today?
I was raised in Port Washington, New York, on the North Shore of Long Island. I am a first-generation American—my mother is from England and my father from Spain. As a young girl, I transitioned from ballet into figure skating. My mom and I went to the ice-skating rink one afternoon after school and I took to the ice immediately.

Becoming a figure skater shaped my life and personality. It gave me the mental strength and skillsets for building a network marketing business, which is all about delayed satisfaction. The seeds of discipline and dedication were planted in me early on. While my friends were sleeping, I was at an ice-cold skating rink every day at 6 AM to practice my art.

When you’re a figure skater learning new jumps—new double axels or triple toe loops—you know you will be going to that rink every morning for the next five or six months and falling to the ice, until you’ve mastered that new jump. I skated all throughout high school and it taught me tremendous patience. Attending those practice sessions during my formative years was a huge factor leading to my achievements in direct sales.

When my parents immigrated to the U.S., they became entrepreneurs. I inherited their entrepreneurial spirit, because that’s what I saw. We lived in an upper middle-class neighborhood of professionals—accountants, doctors, and lawyers. I was one of the few kids whose parents were business owners. They were in the restaurant business in New York City. The day I was born coincided with the opening of my father’s first restaurant.

I grew up seeing entrepreneurship in motion, and it shaped me. I’m definitely not wired for the 9-to-5 routine. I’m a total freedom girl and could never survive there. Luckily, I found network marketing.

You also made the connection early on that discipline leads to freedom.
It absolutely does. To be successful at anything, you need to be determined and willing to work hard. Skating was hard work, as is building a successful direct sales team, even though I love every second of it. Hard work is what most people don’t want to do. They want to skip that part and get to the successful part. There’s a lot that goes on in between.

I left skating at the end of high school and accidentally fell into coaching. I ran into a good friend of mine a few years after leaving competition and asked her what she was doing. When she told me she was coaching figure skating, I said, “That sounds like a lot of fun.”

It was also lucrative and I loved how it allowed me to design my own schedule. I felt in control of my life. I always say, “I’ve never worked a day in my life.” Whether I was coaching figure skating, raising my three beautiful children, or building my network marketing business, I’m passionate about what I do.

“Love what you do” is the theme of this issue. So how did you find network marketing?
When I moved to Nashville 12 years ago, one of my first girlfriends here, who’s married to a country music artist, was in a direct sales company. Through our friendship I got to see her do her thing—build her team, share her products—and I got to know some very successful women.

That was my first peek into this business channel. In 2008, my husband, John, who is a former member of the New York Stock Exchange, found our company online. A pretty smart business guy, he knew that he had come across something special and gave me the “gift” of entrepreneurship.

Due to the changes in the economy, we were looking for alternate streams of income, including franchises. Our eyes were wide open for opportunity so the time was right. I always say, “When people tell you no, they’re not saying no to you or the opportunity. It’s just not the right timing for them.”

Observing the direct sales model through my girlfriend kick-started my own belief in the profession. I also loved the camaraderie of all the women working together, even though her company wasn’t for me. Four years later when John found our company, I knew instantly that this was going to be my future; that I was going to jump in and be super successful.

John told me to “run, not walk.” I said, “John, I know I can make six figures a month.” That’s when he knew I really understood the power and potential of the business model.

You had 100 percent faith and total vision, right away. I bet many people wanted some of that.
We knew we had found what was going to be a massive success story. The day I joined, as a party of one, I knew my life would change in many wonderful ways. I had found a vehicle to create not only financial freedom, but time freedom for our family. Having complete faith, I was willing to work hard.

Many of my business partners who are top earners in the company today tell me, “You’ve never had a down day, Natalia. You’ve been positive from the minute we started this business. I’ve never heard a negative word come out of your mouth.” I think I’m just wired for happiness.

My temperament is not a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m calm and steady. I think that really helps me. Having that belief in your company, in your product, in your founders, and in yourself is critical to move forward in this business. People struggle with belief, and we often talk about it.

I recently returned from a fantastic retreat in beautiful Banff, Canada. The event was hosted by my Canadian BFF power partner, Tara Murray. One of my training topics was mindset. “You have to get off the emotional rollercoaster,” I said. “Once you free yourself from that, your business will grow in ways you’ve never imagined.”

I know it’s really hard for some people. Personally, I was laser focused on my future, and I knew we had come across something special—a company that would be a multibillion-dollar global success story. I was so thrilled to be a part of it that I operated from joy. That’s why I’ve never had a negative or down day in my business.

What did you think when people didn’t want to join your team?
I thought, “Oh well, that’s sad. They’re going to miss out on all the fun.” People laugh when I say that, but it’s the truth. I didn’t take it personally in any way. I just said, “I guess they don’t see it. They don’t have the vision I have.”

People, especially those who are stuck in situations they don’t want to be in, need to be willing to get out of their own way. That’s what I did. I got out of my own way, and I leaned on what I had—the founders, the company, the products. I leaned on their success story to build my own.

This business isn’t about me. It’s not about me being special and wonderful. It’s about the channel being an incredible business model, and how being a part of it can be a game changer for anyone who commits to it.

What did you do the first 90 days?
I did what came naturally: I talked to people. I also stumbled upon Mark Yarnell’s book, Your First Year in Network Marketing, and that became my how-to. I read it every day, and I followed it, because I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

My natural instinct when I joined was to gather people and share the business and our amazing products. I did that out of my little clubhouse until we had over 150 people attending every Monday night. At that point we were no longer allowed to hold meetings there, because it was over capacity. We didn’t have just one business meeting at night; we had impromptu meetings all day long, because my team knew I was there. I would be “open for business” in my clubhouse the entire day, sometimes from 10 AM till midnight.

Every Monday morning I would walk from my house down the hill with a big basket filled with all our products to set up for our team meetings. John would say, “You looked so happy walking to work.” From the day I joined, I operated from joy. I was so happy to have a business that suited my personality. I feed off people. I love having friends. Being with people is exhausting to some, but it energizes me.

I also launched my business through lifestyle marketing, going through my sphere of influence, inviting my friends to join me, and immediately creating that platform for everyone on my team to be successful.

You built in your backyard, very local, and your business just took off.
When I launched my business, I knew the key was to bring on power partners, so I did exactly that. My very first power partner was my husband John’s good friend, Gabriel Sedlak. Gabe committed to doing the meetings with me and we started to build a core group of power partners who were committed to showing up. We simply shared the company story and our vision. Within months, we had hundreds of people at our local Marriott hotel meeting every Monday night.

We grew fast and furious. This was eight years ago when I thought I’d rather die than speak in front of a room. Luckily, my power partner, Gabe, has the gift of gab. We worked well together as a team and our shared vision resonated with people. They liked our energy and got the picture—the big picture—so they started joining us like crazy.

Eventually I became comfortable with public speaking and today I actually enjoy it, not only in front of hundreds of people at my local meetings, but in front of thousands at my company’s annual conventions. This business definitely makes you grow in ways you never imagined.

Also the timing was right. In 2008 a lot of smart, sophisticated professionals were looking for alternate streams of income. They were open to other options, just like John and I. Many people knew my husband was a Wall Street guy, which made my story compelling: “John found a business, and I want you to be a part of it. Come listen and hear more.” It was easy for me to share.
We went from the Monday night meeting to the all-day meeting in my clubhouse to the big Marriott hotel meetings. Between Mondays, I would send out a text message loop in the morning or the night before to my local team, saying, “Hey, I’ll be working at Panera today from 9 till 2:30. Bring your prospects.” I did that every day all over town, and your team does what you do: they follow the leader. Sometimes I’d be at Panera, Starbucks, or another favorite local coffee shop with a small group of people. We’d have five or six tables with other team members doing the same thing. There was no denying that we had energy. It may have been caffeine-induced, but we were excited all the same. We fed off each other. It was wonderful.

How did your life change with a business growing this quickly?
Within my first year of joining my company, I was able to create an incredible residual income for my family. Building a community around the business and being consistent was really important—showing up every week, bringing in my products to display, my laptop, projector, and screen. I set everything up and my community pitched in.

I had volunteers outside our meeting room doing registration and much needed technical support from the techies on my team. That’s the best part of our business: everyone brings their strengths to the table and we get to leverage one another. You don’t have to be great at everything, because someone on your team is always able and willing to step up. Setting the stage for success made it easy for my local team to just show up, because I had a platform for them to springboard off.

My motto when I was launching was, “If I’m awake, I’m open for business; and when I’m asleep, I’m dreaming about it.” I wasn’t trying to achieve balance when I first got started. I knew that if I worked this business hardcore for a couple of years, it could radically change the rest of our lives. I was thinking like a CEO who gets up, goes to work, and sometimes travels the globe for business. I was willing to work 24/7 for my family, and fortunately John was able to juggle our children. It was a blessing to have him there to pick up where I left off.

How did your kids respond to all the changes?
When I started, my children were 13, 10, and 9. I think they really liked what was happening. My youngest, Scarlett, would come down to my meeting when I was still in the clubhouse. She would wear her little nametag with our company name, and she would help with registration. Later she came to my big hotel meetings with over 500 people showing up to hear her mom talk. She felt like a mini-celebrity sitting at the registration desk with everyone seeing her name, Scarlett Yosco. They would ask, “Are you Natalia’s daughter?” A shy 10-year-old girl, she would just smile and nod her head. She loved it.

Even though I was super busy, I spent as much time with my kids as possible. I used to get up, drive them to school, say goodbye, and as they were walking in, I would already be on my first call of the day as I was leaving the elementary school car-pool loop. Then, I would try to pick them up at 2:30 if I could. My goal was to wrap up my meetings, rush back to the school, pick up my little ones, take them home, spend a little time with them, and feed them a snack before I darted out for my evening events.

It was a big change from being a full-time mom for 13 years, because I used to be there every second. It was a good thing. Instead of hovering over my kids, I made them more resilient. It was good for them to see their mom evolve and become a successful businesswoman; to see how through hard work you can create success—which, of course, completely changed their lives as well. I went from being a stay-at-home mom to a financially free “mompreneur” in just a few years. Today, they have even greater gratitude for all the hard work I put in and my dedication to building our “family” business.

My son Hunter is currently at an amazing university in Southern California, completely paid for by my skincare business. Being able to let your children attend the college of their choice without incurring financial debt is a gift. All three of my children are seeing the ripple effect of my efforts and my eldest daughter, Daphne, always thanks me for her wonderful life. That means everything to me. It doesn’t get any better. They were always my why. They were the reason I got up every morning and hit the ground running with excitement for the possibilities of the day ahead.

How has the business evolved since you started?
The biggest difference is that, thanks to social media, we’ve become social commerce leaders. This has enabled me to create balance in my life. Facebook and Skype has been a constant, and now we are heavily using Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Live. What I love about Facebook is, you will never run out of people from around the world to share your products or opportunity, and you are able to build trusted long-term relationships that can lead to garnering more loyal customers, business partners, and referrals. It’s a win-win!

What’s working extremely well right now is Facebook Live events. It’s a fantastic way for us to showcase our latest new product launches and talk business. It beats having to drag all my equipment and products to my local Marriott. Now I can literally set up in my home office, hop on Facebook Live, and reach hundreds of people at a time.

Our private virtual events enable us to connect with people who have expressed an interest in our products or business model. Our demographic is mostly women all across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Who knows how it will be a year from now, but currently this addition of Facebook Live is a great asset to us.

We have different types of online events. Some are strictly business meetings where I share my story, our company story, and the basics of our business model. Others are a nice mix of business and products, and some are solely product events, which are a lot of fun, especially when we launch new products. The call to action is to connect with the person who invited you to the event and discuss joining our team or “starting on your journey to the very best skin of your life!”

Do you have a different approach for customers and business builders?
The business is our products. We are a product company that offers life-changing skincare. Our strength comes from our brand and our results. I’m always lifestyle marketing and today I connect with a lot of great people online. They reach out to me on social media because they’re looking for something more. They’re looking to get out of the daily grind.

People want choices in life. They are working more hours and getting by with less—less time with their families, no time for themselves whatsoever, less relaxation, less vacation. I see a great need and we offer people hope. When I tell someone about my business, I feel I’m sharing a gift—the gift of opportunity, the gift of change, the gift of possibilities.

It’s all about building community. We’re looking to empower others, share what’s possible, and show them how if they join our movement, they’ll be part of a team where everyone supports one another, where we strive for success and have their best interests at heart.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
The globalization of my company has fired me up all over again, especially when I think of all the new friendships we will be building internationally. I can’t wait to meet all these incredible women who are going to come into my life. After launching Canada successfully almost two years ago, I’m ready to launch the Australian market next. I absolutely love travel and adventure, and soon we’re going to be in many countries. I’m looking forward to being a part of all those initial international launches across the globe.

I look at it as a family business now. I’m working because I love what I do. Sometimes team members ask me, “Why do you still travel across the country to do retreats with us?” My answer is, “I love what I do. What would I be doing if I wasn’t here with all of you? It looks like I’m pouring into you, but really you’re pouring into me, because you’re feeding my soul.” I adore working with people and sharing the heartwarming success stories throughout my organization.

Today I find such joy as I pour my heart and passion in what’s possible for others—in helping my business partners radically change their lives, get out of difficult financial situations, and really reinvent themselves. I love leaning in and helping others reach their highest potential. That’s the sweet spot I’m in now. Financially, we’re good. By helping others, it just gets better and better.