Jackie Christiansen

To network marketing newbies, this business can be a whole new way of life. If you are the entrepreneurial, adventurous type, the challenge of building a network marketing business may lead to a career where you will thrive. If you are less entrepreneurial and a bit more introverted, then you will want to be prepared for what to expect in this exciting new world of network marketing.

The first weeks in my network marketing journey, I was filled with excitement and visions of my future as an entrepreneur. I couldn’t sleep at night, because I couldn’t stop thinking of all the possibilities that came with this new life venture. No cap on my income and no territory limits? H​aving done outside sales before, I had a general idea of the opportunity I had on my hands—and no limits sounded really good!

The first days and weeks were nothing less than thrilling. My energy, enthusiasm, and belief were through the roof. These attributes allowed me to sign on just about everyone I spoke to about my new health and wellness network marketing business—and most of those new recruits were strangers! Energy, enthusiasm, and belief are what I call the magic ingredients that can really propel your business forward in a big way.

We have heard it said many times, network marketing is a personal development business with a compensation plan attached. It is also true that your success cannot exceed your level of personal development. You need a personal development strategy.​ Y​ou’ll want to set up a plan to improve yourself—specifically your mindset, your attitude, your belief system, and everything else that goes with it.

I suggest developing a daily exercise program for your mind, because your mindset is your headquarters for this business. Sometimes we let our emotions run our mind, and this is not a good thing. Ideally, you want your mind to control your emotions, especially when it comes to business. Make it a priority to invest in yourself: read personal development books and magazines, watch videos from timeless mentors, attend seminars from leaders in personal development. A mind that is growing and challenged will reap better results. Be sure to think, feel, and dream success—and visualize the results you want in your mind’s eye.

The reason it’s so important to guard your attitude and build a positive mindset is that this business can be like a rollercoaster. You will have your ups and downs, successes and setbacks. I​f you know this in advance, you can mentally prepare. I have found that if you can create a long-range vision for your business in the beginning, it will help you through the challenging times.

You can equate the network marketing life to a marriage, or having kids. In the beginning, it’s exciting and blissful and all fun, but then you have to do the work. There are times when it gets hard but you have to keep pushing through. You wouldn’t dare think of leaving your marriage or child just because you have not had the level of success (happiness) that you planned in the first six months or a year, would you? Of course not, the ups and downs are part of the commitment. So why would someone choose to leave their company or even the profession if they have a few bumps in the road or the business isn’t growing as fast as they’d like it to?

You are more likely to “stick with it” when you have made a long-term commitment to your business, and to yourself. There is a saying in network marketing, “If there is a problem with your business, it is probably not your company, nor your product, nor the compensation plan. So what is it? Well, the good news is that it is something you can actually control—you!”

Along with the correct mindset, preparation is key. My advice for beginning your network-marketing career is to set up a business plan that includes short-term and long-term goals, a vision for your business, and a plan for personal development. If you expect the highs and lows of the business, you are much less likely to be upset about small setbacks. Think about the stock market. If you have ever tracked a stock over a long period of time, you will see that there are peaks and valleys, which are normal. As long as the trend is upward growth over a period of time, you know you are on the right track and have made the right investment. The same is true for network marketing, and the pay-off can be equally great. Remember, the key to early success in the business is the same as for long-term success—attitude. As the great Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!”​

The added benefit of network marketing is this: not only can it be financially rewarding, but when you build with others in mind, your purpose becomes greater than yourself, and you are fulfilled on a whole new level. The business normally begins with you, but then it becomes about the people in your team. It becomes about giving back and helping others. Most of us agree, there is almost no greater joy and satisfaction than helping others achieve the dreams and goals that are important to them and their families. The great thing about network marketing is that when you focus on others and their goals, your dreams can be realized, too!

Welcome to your new way of life, and congratulations on growing your network marketing business!

JACKIE CHRISTIANSEN is known for her heart-led leadership and for crushing the stigma of the old-fashioned ideas of network marketing. Jackie shows others how to build successful network marketing businesses through harnessing the power of relationships in social media. She has risen to the top leadership positions in two different companies in her 8-year network marketing career due to her exceptional interpersonal skills and keen grasp of the profession. Jackie’s daily motivation is to inspire and assist others to attain the level of accomplishment they desire.