I remember when my wife Jodi Andros, a highly successful network marketing leader in her own right, said one day in a training, “You can love your distributors into success.” I was stunned, as I had not heard it said quite like that before.

I watched as she trained, and everyone in the room was agreeing with her that “love” was a major factor in not only her success, but everyone’s in the room. The emotion flowing through the room was powerful and palpable. And it was motivating me! It was a true eye opener. How could love be a part of leadership and building a home business?

It was an “aha” moment for me that has stayed with me in everything I do. I do not believe God put us down here on this earth to hate. No way. That includes business.

I started thinking about what Jodi said, and she was so right. Love is something we usually don’t talk much about in the marketplace, but it truly needs to be.

I have always told people I work with, “I love you.”

Why? Because that is just how I have felt. Some people may have been uncomfortable with those words, but it did not matter to me. I was simply saying what was true for me.

The love I am talking about is an affection, an emotion that welds a team together around a shared vision and destiny. Love can truly empower unlike anything else, if given the chance.

I have seen many network marketing leaders be more focused on making a name for themselves and forget that the team was “the wind beneath their wings.” But you cannot leave that emotion of love out of the equation.

Love is a power. It can transfer hope, encourage the discouraged, and bring real meaning to your leadership. Love empowers the heart and the soul. Love empowers your actions as well. When someone pours out love to a team and truly means it, it will raise everything up to a new level of leadership. It will be that quiet push behind the other leaders that tells them they can do this. “You got this.” And it will push them gently into a success that they may never have believed could happen.

Love is a magnet. When people know their leader loves them, that pulls people not only towards the leader, but also pulls them into action. Love has the power to draw the best out of people, if given the chance. Love can draw people not only towards you, but keep them with you. Love can dramatically reduce attrition. I have seen teams with incredible loyalty, because the people loved the culture they had become a part of.

Love is an environment you create for your team. It is an atmosphere where people can create success, in that it contains the driving power of hope. We all live in an environment here on earth that contains oxygen and other things to help keep us alive. Love is the oxygen that keeps a team and business growing and thriving. Are you using this powerful platform to drive your business and team?

Love is a life opener. Love can change people’s “can’t” to “can” and open up new possibilities for their life. It opens the window to new success directions, higher vision, and more powerful expectations for a team. Love in the marketplace creates a higher level of “You can do this,” and often people embrace this and go out to do what they thought they could not do.

LOVE stands for “Lead, Open, Value, and Empower.”

Why? The answer is belief—love’s close cousin. When love is truly present, belief is there as well. When you believe in a person or a team, you are showering them with the power of love. That can catalyze success in many ways, in the marketplace and in a home business.

Love is an integral part of leadership in network marketing. It catalyzes many things that move and empower people to greater heights and performance. Look at the top earners across the profession, and you will find that their leadership is powered by the love of home business, the love for people, the love for helping others, and the love for their products and company. This becomes the glue for their leadership, as most people are looking for something that makes them feel four ways: appreciated, approved of, acclaimed, and part of something that matters.

Love is leadership in action. Over the years, I have seen it over and over. That is why what you are reading—Networking Times—is so successful. Chris and Josephine have built a powerful media and leadership platform based on the love of people, love of our profession, and the love for seeing others succeed. That should be a lesson for us all to bring into our own teams.

I know, there may be some who when they hear the word “love” in the marketplace, roll their eyes and shake their head. I have seen that happen.

But let me tell you a truth about success: There is no success without love being present. And when you understand this, you will have tapped into one of the greatest powers for success, leadership, and life.

DR. DOUG FIREBAUGH has been a coach to networking professionals and a veteran network marketer himself for 28 years. He also is an author, a cofounder of the Home Business Radio Network, and the show host for the daily radio talk show “The Millionaire Road.”