When I discovered our company a year and a half ago, I was extremely excited and motivated. I believed in my heart of hearts that everyone was going to say yes to me, our product, and our opportunity.

I groan inwardly when I think of my first attempt at approaching someone. She happened to be a close friend, someone who had taught me about gratitude and business, a natural networker and leader. I dreamed of the adventure we were about to embark on together… My only fear was that she would learn faster than me and I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

I excitedly messaged her about my new business. She responded with two flat lines I will never forget: “I know everything there is to know about network marketing and have zero interest. Good luck with that.”

I was shattered. Not only was she not interested, she didn’t believe I could make it work. The shattered bits soon gave way to steel. A resilience rose up. I knew it was the hardest no I would ever hear, that if I was going to make it big in this business, I would have to toughen up.

I committed to never again take “no” personally. I assumed no one was a sure yes. I held that sarcastic “good luck with that” at a safe distance as a reminder of the energy I needed to spend less time with.

In a moment of resolve, I created a strategy of imagining that each person I shared my business with was a seed planted in a field. Each seed held the possibility of growth in an infinite garden. My garden would grow dependent on timing, the elements—some things in my control, and some things completely out of my control. This immediately helped with the no’s, and the maybe later’s. Every meeting after this was a success, because another seed was planted. Who was I to say how it would grow?

Now, after slightly over a year of “gardening,” an incredible process has happened. As I have planted seeds, some have grown, and many haven’t. Some grew green, but never blossomed. I even discovered a few acorns. When I look out on my year of planting, all I can see is flowers and green.

I cannot see the seeds that didn’t sprout for all the blossoms. In fact, I don’t even remember where or when I planted them! Today I feel encouraged to focus on the flowers and the green and the mighty oaks that will take years to grow.

Isn’t it just the way of nature for many of God’s seeds to stay dormant or never bloom to their potential? This field has taught me to blossom and soak up all the sun and rain. In this field I am surrounded by endless potential and beauty. In this field I am home.

JENNIE POTTER and her husband Dave own an award-winning tree service on Vancouver Island, BC. Together they build their network marketing business on the side. They recently received the 2016 Senior Manager of the Year Award from their company. Parents of two beautiful teens with hearts for adventure, this God-loving couple is passionate about changing the world with kindness one card at a time.