How often do we find the words “love” and “work” in one sentence? Not very often.

Most people work to provide a lifestyle for themselves and their families. However, in our profession you have the opportunity to engage in a vision bigger than yourself and become a part of a movement.

When I found network marketing, it definitely wasn’t “love at first sight.” It was like how some people think about marriage, another institution built on the foundation of love. The thought of getting married is beautiful. Finding the right person is the key to success or failure. For me, before I found the company that would ultimately change my life, I tried several different companies. Nothing spectacular happened, but I never lost my love for the business.

When I finally found my dream company, I decided to give it one more try because of my why: my daughter needed braces and I could not afford them on my salary. The love I had for my daughter gave me the courage to reach out to my sponsor and inquire about this company. At the time I did not have visions of new homes and luxury cars; my why was simply to get braces for my daughter.

In our business, you must have something that’s driving you to go down the road less traveled. At several key moments on my journey I revisited my why, which provided the fuel that would make me go the extra mile every day to accomplish my goals. Here are some keys that helped me:

In addition to a strong why, if you learn how to avoid distractions, stay humble, find your niche, and constantly work on yourself, you will create the life you love and help others to do the same.

NICHELE “NIKKI” ROBINSON was working as a medical assistant and raising her then two-year-old when she started dabbling in different network marketing companies. She found her current company in 2014 and reached a six-figure income in 10 months while still working full time. Today Nikki and her husband Vernon are Global Directors in their company. They reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia with their two children.