One day in 2014, I was called into what I was told was a “review meeting” and my boss told me the company no longer required my services. The news came as a relief. Sort of like water given to a thirsty man in the desert.

Corporate internal politics had fractured the company, and I had toyed with the idea of submitting my letter of resignation. I had already written the letter, but pleas from well-meaning friends and family still kept me at a job I had grown to hate with a passion.

“Don’t resign, just hold on to the job,” they advised.
“Jobs are scarce, just find a way to manage,” people said.

How could I manage the politics and back stabbing, and the dread I felt each morning when I was stepping into the office?

Unknown to most of them, I had started building my network marketing business on the side since 2012… So when the company asked me to resign, I simply smiled, because I knew I had a plan B.

Freedom to choose is one of the reasons I love network marketing. But it wasn’t always so. I always loved personal development, especially as I came from a background where I was never taught to believe in myself or my ability to succeed.

When I began to read personal development books and listen to audios, I discovered I could rewrite my destiny and work on becoming whoever I wanted to be.

I came into network marketing in 2009, when someone dropped a link on my Facebook wall. The person dialed me in to a three-way call and that’s where I got started.

I didn’t make any money with this company and I failed in three other companies. I didn’t get it. I knew network marketing worked, but I somehow adopted the belief that it couldn’t work for me.

In 2012, I got an invitation to look at another opportunity. I initially rejected it, because I was scared of repeating my failures. I did some soul searching and had to own up to the fact that I never went all in with those companies I joined in the past. I made up my mind to dive back in with my current company and give it all I got.

All my personal development paid off. I began to sponsor people into my business, and help them do the same. I also began showing up and doing presentations for my team, and I became a presenter for my network marketing company.

In 2014, when my employer gave me the news that might have broken anyone else, I simply smiled and began planning how to expand my network marketing business into other states in Nigeria.

There were a lot of tough times in the business, but I had some action steps I took which always worked to get me out of any slump. Let me just share some of them:

One more lesson I learned early on is that if you want to become a top earner in network marketing, you need to become a leader. Leadership isn’t easy. It takes commitment, being willing to do the things no one else wants to do, and being willing to hang in there after everyone else has let go.

I understood this, and I also understood that life was going to test me in every sense of the word, to determine if I was worthy of success. So I am always pushing myself to get better in every area.

I love network marketing because it took a shy introvert like me, with zero connections, zero confidence, and no following whatsoever, and turned me into a mentor to a lot of people. I get lots of messages from people who watch my videos and my presentations, and who tell me I inspire them.

That’s enough to keep me going even during the rough times, because I know that I just need to focus on taking action. If I just keep helping as many others as I can, in the end I will get the success I want.

The personal development you get when pursuing a career inside of network marketing is second to none. You get to push past your comfort zone. I have slept in villages without electricity, prospected people in weird places, moved to cities to build my business without any guarantee of success, and built a coaching business sharing my experiences with network marketers around the world.

A couple of years ago, I would never have imagined myself doing what I do now. I love it, I love the person I am becoming, and I am able to wake up feeling alive, knowing I am making a difference and moving closer to my Diamond rank daily.
That’s why I absolutely love what I do—network marketing!

ADEWALE ADEBUSOYE walked away from corporate Nigeria in 2014 after a career spanning over 10 years in the IT industry. He failed in four different network marketing companies, but was able to overcome his fears and  create success in his current company. Today, he is an online network marketing mentor, author, speaker, and trainer. He loves helping people break through their fears and live their best life through networkmarketing.