I just returned from Guatemala to see Project Concern International’s multiple programs that empower women. I’ve been supporting these programs through a group I belong to called Women United for Change. WUC is a movement lead by women from various network marketing companies dedicated to paying it forward. I was honored by the opportunity to immerse myself into some of the most vulnerable communities and see our impact firsthand.

On my trip back to the U.S. I was upgraded to first class and watched two documentaries: Crazy about Tiffany’s and one about Vogue Magazine. Talk about going from one end of the cultural and financial spectrum to the other.

The lesson? Life is full of paradoxes and dichotomies. There will always be varying nuances and extremes between the rich and the poor. In our business, some succeed more easily while others struggle to make their numbers from month to month. There are those who quit and those who push through.

If your ambition is to be successful with your business, then how do you cope with the ups and downs that otherwise might take you off course?


Rich or poor, we all struggle with the same core issues in life. In essence, we are the same. When I think of the extraordinary women entrepreneurs I met in Guatemala, it’s easy to empathize with their struggle and desire for progress. However, coping with what life throws our way is challenging for all of us.

To graduate to the next higher level of “us” and our businesses, we have to listen for when our timing will fit in with the rest of our own musical symphony. Then we can step up to the dance that the music of life is playing for us. The best news is that we are our own maestro!

The struggle is real, but progress is simpleā€”if we allow the process.

My trip to Guatemala taught me how important it is to choose a happy dance every day, no matter what. Whether you failed, feel discouraged, or are overwhelmed, know that if you don’t get up, you’ll miss the chance to meet who you are truly meant to be.

In every story, the hero needs a villain. Without it, we cannot push ourselves beyond the mundane. You need to have something to fight against in order to be inspired to reach higher than you ever thought possible.

DEBI GRANITE owned different businesses before she became a network marketing professional. Today she is a top leader in her company who makes a difference by giving back and helping people remodel their lives.