Last weekend we went ATV riding. As the red dirt kicked up and filled every exposed surface of my body, I looked as if I’d gone for a really bad spray tan. I loved the feeling of being so free that nothing mattered. I didn’t care that my clothes, my hair, or even my teeth were stained with dirt. In fact, for days I continued to find this red dirt on my body, even inside my ears, which had me laughing.

It reminded me of being little and not worrying about making a mess—building cakes out of mud and jumping in rain puddles. I was unfiltered, I laughed, and I played.

Think back to when you had these moments. I bet you can’t help but smile.

At what age do we decide it’s no longer okay to play? To make a mess? To get dirty and figure out how to clean it up as we go?

Instead, we decide we need to appear perfect from the get-go, wrinkle-free, no dirt allowed.

Imagine if we worked our business with the carefree adventure of our five-year-old self.

Back then it was perfectly okay to ask a stranger to play. No fear, no inhibition, just the pure intention of gaining a playmate.

Fast forward to now. We make up what they would say before we’ve even asked. We prejudge. We surrender.

What if you channeled that happy-go-lucky you of yesteryear?

How many more people would you talk to?

How many calls and presentations would you do messily without a second thought?

Limitless, right?

Because if you were truly being your authentic, playful, younger you, the results wouldn’t matter. It would just be about the playdate itself. Nothing more… and you’d do it again tomorrow.
Maybe it is time to play make-believe, get messy, and see what happens. You’ll know it’s working when you find the dirt in your ears.

KIMMY BROOKE built a network of more than 17,000 people around the world. She and her husband, Richard, share a vision to educate and promote ethical network marketing through their coaching and leadership company, Bliss Business. Together they also own a network marketing company, helping tens of thousands find financial freedom and live life to its fullest.