Today more than ever, people crave purpose—in their lives, their work, and the companies they do business with. A recent study shows that 90 percent of consumers “expect companies to do more than make a profit.” The majority of the North American workplace now ranks “the ability to make an impact” as more important to their happiness than even “wealth” or “a prestigious career.”

Network marketing entrepreneurs, teams, and companies are on the forefront of this purposeful shift. There is a lot of good being done both by individuals and groups within our profession. One of the most popular panels we had the honor to host at the ANMP June 2016 Convention was called “Networking Marketing Gives Back,” featuring top earners who are creating both social good and business value individually or with their teams.

Our profession continues to lead the way in global social betterment; in network marketing, our entrepreneurial spirits are harnessed together with the highest desires of the human spirit—doing good and bringing value.

What if you haven’t yet connected with your purpose, as it relates to your business? When you don’t have a higher purpose, you can be easily stopped by obstacles on your path. But when you find a purpose bigger than yourself, it releases a generative energy that gives you focus, creativity, stamina, and courage to be unstoppable and achieve mastery.

So how do you kick-start a life’s work packed with passion and purpose? Here are three ideas to get you started:

Awareness without action creates nothing. Good intentions are not enough. If we can find a way to give of our time, talents, or resources to help others, everyone wins! As leaders, it’s our responsibility to continue to grow and become more, so we can serve more.

We believe our purpose is to help others reach their God-given potential. Many network marketing professionals feel this way. There’s a revolution of entrepreneurs building purpose-driven organizations, and we all get to be a part of it. The social impact of our profession rippling around the world is positively limitless!

To the many entrepreneurs who contributed to this last issue of the year, much gratitude and respect. As we approach the end of 2016, let’s make a difference and leave a legacy in this new era of social entrepreneurship, and together be a more powerful force for good!

President of the ANMP since 2012, GARRETT MCGRATH and his wife Sylvia are on the editorial board of Networking Times. In 2016 their team donated over 3.5 million servings of nutrition and meals to children at risk for malnutrition.