Based in Indonesia, Onggy Hianata is an international network marketing leader whose organization spans five continents. Onggy grew up in dire poverty and started his network marketing business from scratch in 1992. After many ups and downs, he finally created a successful “support system” for his team called Freedom Faithnet Global (FFG). Onggy and his leaders are famous for organizing transformational boot camps that help participants improve in all aspects of their lives. Onggy’s dream is to leave a global legacy of human development and trans-generational wealth.—J.G.

Childhood home in Takaran Childhood home in Takaran
Onggy (left) with siblings Onggy (left) with siblings

Tell us a little about your upbringing.
I was born in 1962 under my Chinese name, Ong Hian Tjoen. My father, Ong Tjoey Moey, was from Fujian, China. My mother, Oey Giok Tjoen, was from Sandakan, Malaysia. I spent my childhood in a small city, Tarakan, East Borneo, a province of Indonesia.

We were a poor family. My parents had nine kids. I’m number eight. My father was a lowly staff worker in a small company. His income was not enough for a big family. My parents taught us to work hard. At age eight I started helping my parents, doing anything I could to earn money. I spent my childhood years supporting the family. For example, I would go to the jungle to find wood. At that time we didn’t have electricity, so we needed wood to cook our rice and meals. My mother was always trying to supplement my father’s income by raising chickens and ducks, and she also did some farming.

What are some things you learned growing up?
My parents taught us to wake up early in the morning and get ready to work. My father was extremely disciplined about this. Working hard has never been a problem for me.

Even though we were poor, my father never did anything to cheat someone or take people’s money. He was a man of great integrity and taught us the same. Before he passed away, he called his kids one by one. When we were all sitting by his bedside, he delivered his last messages to us: promise to do everything with integrity. In the Chinese business community where he grew up, trust and integrity were the most important assets.

My father was an excellent role model and I learned a lot of wisdom from him, much of which I can apply in my network marketing business. For example, he loved and treated his nine kids equally. Now that I am also a father with three kids, I discovered this is not easy to do. Yet my father did it successfully. All his nine kids really love and respect him. He gets a big thumb-ups from all of us.

This is a good teaching and when I do network marketing I apply this philosophy. I treat everyone in my group with the same love and respect. It doesn’t matter for me whether a group is small or big. I love them all the same. Frankly, sometimes it is not easy, but I must apply it, because it’s part of the wisdom I learned from my father.

Many networkers are quite calculating with regards to whom they “love.” They love whatever group will generate more commissions for them. They use their logic to build their business. They focus mainly on money and forget this is a people business. This is one of the common mistakes networkers make.

In my network, we are quite solid and our bond is very strong. We love each other, so we can form a strong team. I teach the same thing to my groups. You should love your network, your downline, your upline, with equal love and respect. The three lessons I learned from my father that I apply it in my network marketing business are hard work, integrity, and equal love and care.

What did you do after you finished high school?
I was living in Tarakan and wanted to go to college in Surabaya, but my parents were poor and could not support me. At that time my two elder brothers, A Lie and A Ek, started earning money so they began giving me a little cash. I was able to fly from my hometown to Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia.

During my college years there, in order to survive I was also working. I studied in the evening while working in the morning and afternoon. I did a few part-time jobs and started some small businesses that required only limited capital. For example, I tried to sell encyclopedia books door to door for a few months.

I sold lottery tickets on commission in the middle of the traditional marketplace in Wonokromo, Surabaya. I produced and marketed kripik, our Indonesian traditional crispy crackers. I bought imported fruits from Tarakan and sold them in Surabaya at a higher price. I sold Jagung Bakar, traditional Indonesian baked corn, in front of Ubaya University in Surabaya. I sold Ayam Bakar, which is baked chicken, a traditional street food.

All my small businesses ended up in bankruptcy due to my lack of experience or because of dishonest partners. But I learned a lot. Even though all my businesses failed, my spirit never gave up. Everything happened for a good reason and I kept the lesson.

How did you find network marketing?
To earn a living and further support my studies in Surabaya, I worked as a clerk in a small company. My first salary in 1983 was only 40,000 Rupiah (about $3.00 USD) a month. Obviously it was not enough, so in my spare time I did other things to earn extra income. I survived by working extra hours. Meanwhile, most of my college friends didn’t need to work, because their parents were quite rich.

Before I finished my university degree, I started working for a big company, and after I graduated I moved to another a big company in Sidoarjo, nearby Surabaya.

I found network marketing in 1986. One of my friends in the university introduced me, but I didn’t understand what was called network marketing at the time. He sold me one product and never followed up with me. I guess he didn’t understand the business either. After I bought the product from him, I forgot about it.

Until one day, one of my seniors in the company I worked for shared with me that his sister had joined a company and was doing network marketing part time. After a few years, she resigned from her job to do the business full time. Every year she earned free trips to different countries because of her network marketing business. My colleague told me his sister’s mentor would come to Surabaya to expand his business.

What year was this?
This was in 1992. When his sister’s mentor flew to Surabaya, my colleague invited seven people who were also my friends. That night was my first home meeting. After the presentation, my colleague followed up with all my friends, except me, so I went to ask him for the membership form. He told me he didn’t ask me to join, because he thought I was not a good candidate. I was a fairly shy person, not talkative, always busy working long hours at the office, and without many friends. What he didn’t know was that I had a dream!

I joined because I loved to earn extra money and I loved travelling. My colleague became my direct upline. It turned out he didn’t understand network marketing either. He joined the business the same day with his seven friends, who became his new downline members. The person who conducted the home meeting was my colleague’s sister’s mentor, so he became my first mentor in this profession.

He is Malaysian, and when I joined the business he had already been in the business for 23 years. He had studied and completed his degree in London, then gone back to Penang, Malaysia where he worked as a branch manager in a well-known international bank. While working full time in the bank, he started building his network marketing business on the side. After achieving a certain rank in the business, he resigned from his bank job to do network marketing full time.

What did you learn from your mentor?
At the beginning I thought network marketing was only about selling products and recruiting people. My first mentor is one of the big leaders in Asia. He was the first person to open my mind to understanding more about this business. I really learned step by step from him—how to dream, have discipline, be consistent, commit to the business, and never give up.

I could see the potential of the business long before I understood how to build it. I did it part time while working at the company as an assistant director, so my schedule was tight. I did my network marketing activities only after working hours. One of the reasons I was ready to work extra time doing this business was that I felt bored working as an employee. I had been there for 11 years and was tired of my job. My dream at first was simple: if I could earn the same income as my salary, I would resign from my job.

Another dream was travelling around the world. Because I had been working as an employee for 11 years, I never went to any other countries. That is why I worked extremely hard. After office hours, I did home meetings and one-on-one meetings, prospecting anyone I knew or met. My team grew quite fast. In 1994 my first dream came true: I quit my job and have been doing network marketing full time ever since. I couldn’t be happier about finally being financially free!

How did your business change once you went full time?
I thought by building my networking marketing business full time, it would grow faster. But it went the other way around. Instead of growing, my business started going downhill. I was curious as to why my crossline’s business was growing, while mine was shrinking. We were in the same company, sold the same products, and had the same marketing plan. We were even in the same city.

Even though my network collapsed, I never gave up. I kept on learning and searching for the reasons why I failed. Finally I found the answer! It is one of the success secrets in network marketing: my crossline had a support system. I didn’t have a system, which is why in 1996 my network fell apart. Luckily I attended many meetings, read a lot of articles about this profession, and listened to a lot of cassettes with great testimonies from many leaders in the U.S., Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, and other countries. I became a student of the profession and fell in love with the business model. I found out that this business has so many values and great benefits. The only thing I didn’t understand was how to build in a professional way.

What exactly do you mean by “support system”?
Having a support system is so important in our business. A simple analogy would be the difference between a mobile phone with great and sophisticated software and one without a sophisticated software. In our business, the company is the so-called “hardware,” while the support system is the “software.” In my first business, I didn’t have a support system, meaning I had only hardware without software. Network marketing is about building an asset. This is Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy of “Network equals Asset” and “Asset equals Wealth.” To turn your network into an asset, you need a support system.

One of the best things about our business model is passive income. If we want to earn passive income in our business, we must focus on correct duplication. When we want to turn the network into an asset, we need to teach our team how to duplicate the correct way of doing things. If we don’t have a support system that teaches people how to do this, everyone in our network will do things his or her own way. It happened to my organization in my first company where we had no duplication system. I learned a great lesson.

How did you manage after you lost your team?
Since I had already resigned from my job, it was a tough time for me. I really fell into financial struggle. Simply to survive, I started other conventional businesses. I was making a living, but not a fortune. It was not what I wanted to do. I just earned money, but no other value in other aspects of life. I still believed in network marketing and knew it was an excellent business model.

Because my heart was still in network marketing, one of my ex-downline members introduced me to another company. I saw the opportunity so I joined, and I learned from my mistake: this time I built it with a system. We applied the system and called it Faithnet Global.

I started building my business in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I built my new network from zero, because my previous network had disappeared. I started teaching the concept of duplication and being a business owner. We had an Intensive Training CD to teach people step by step how to do the business. I focused on character building, attitude, and leadership. In 2001, I achieved what is a networker’s dream: financial and time freedom!

We launched one amazing training called Value Your Life—A Life-Changing Bootcamp in February 2003. After attending this Bootcamp people started changing: they stopped smoking, stopped drinking alcohol, stopped drugs, built better relationships, and improved in many other aspects of life. The training was completely life-changing.

Grace and Gratitude

Thanks to God for all the grace, blessing, wisdom, and great moments during this journey. We had so many beautiful and wonderful experiences. I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for:

  • My wife and my three lovely children
  • My family and relatives
  • My leaders and networks in the FFG organization all over the world
  • My company Chairman, top management, and staff
  • The FFG top management and staff
  • Dr. Josephine & Chris Gross of Networking Times
  • My friends around the world

Your love and support make this journey beautiful and wonderful. My special thanks to you all, especially to those who have been together with me for over 15 years in the network marketing business. Thank you for your trust. I really appreciate and respect you all. Through the many challenges we faced, we are still one. It is a testimony to the Power of One. I am who I am today because God has sent you all into my life. You all play important roles in all our achievements. I cannot do it alone. I need you all.

From the bottom of my heart, I really love you all so much. I am so happy we all grow better and better in many aspects of our lives. I know our journey is still long, that is why I want you to take good care of your health. We are one team, one heart, and one current to our destiny. Let’s leave our legacy.

One day we will sing the song, “I was here.” I want to leave my footprints in the sand of time. When I leave this world, I will have no regrets. I want to leave something to remember, so the next generations won’t forget I was here. I lived, I loved. I will leave my mark, so everyone will know that I was here.

Celebrating Christmas with his family in Tokyo, 2015
Celebrating Christmas with his family in Tokyo, 2015

Are your boot camps open to participants outside your company?
Yes, after taking our Bootcamp people would talk to their friends and bring more people to the network, so we started growing exponentially. As people’s lives improved, word started spreading, and before we knew it, people came from all over the world to attend our Bootcamps.

In 2008 we upgraded and improved our support system. For instance, we started running a Mentoring Program, a Network camp, Mentor camp, Wealthy Cell Mentor, International Mentor Meeting (IM2), and Personal Finance Management (PFM). All these programs brought FFG to the next level.

Then we changed our name from Faithnet Global to Freedom Faithnet Global (FFG). Today I can say FFG is no longer a trial-and-error method, but a proven support system. It is based on the combined experiences of my seven mentors I have had in my network marketing career. All of them have enjoyed time and financial freedom for decades. The youngest one has been earning passive income for 25 years, and the most senior one for 45 years. Their combined experience and years of earning passive income comes to about 200 years.

Today FFG has members on five continents and we keep growing steadily. So far people from about 80 countries have attended our Bootcamps. Many lives were touched and many people were changed for the better. To this day, about 2,000 people stopped smoking, and several hundred stopped taking drugs, drinking alcohol, gambling, and other forms of addiction. We have seen many family reconciliations, as people improve in all aspects of their lives. In addition, between 2009 and today FFG broke five Guinness World Records!

You found your passion and are living your purpose by paying it forward.
I came from a very poor family. I had no self-confidence, low self-esteem, poor leadership, and a poor mindset. This business has changed my life—financially, mentally, spiritually. In short, almost all aspects of my life are growing. That is why I love this business so much. I owe a lot to the network marketing community. This is my time to pay back to society. Today I have beautiful cars, beautiful homes and a couple of properties. I’ve travelled to many countries in five continents. I have many amazing FFG family members all around the world. All my kids are studying abroad. I am incredibly blessed. From one city to another, I’ve witnessed countless lives changed through this business. These experiences broaden my horizon, dreams, vision, and mission. Today my FFG leaders and I are committed to set up this FFG platform for the next generations, so they will have a better life. We will keep on expanding this FFG spirit around the world to touch people’s hearts and lives. FFG is not only a business, it is about family and lifestyle.

What is the FFG Love Movement?
In this business you can make a lot of money in a short period of time. For example, we have one leader in Africa who joined our team about six years ago, and he already bought several pieces of land, beautiful homes, a couple of beautiful cars, and he is travelling around the world. Sometimes a sudden influx of new wealth can affect people’s character development. To prevent this from happening, we formed a movement. We call it the FFG Love Movement. We organize a lot of volunteering activities, for instance visiting and helping orphanages. We go to poor villages to do social work. On Blood Donor Day 2016, our team donated blood in 82 cities of 27 countries around the world. The purpose of the FFG Love Movement is not only to help others as part of our social responsibility, but also to help ourselves remember always to be humble.

Tell us about the FFG Legacy.
One thing that makes our FFG family so proud is the legacy of Yin Fan. Yin Fan is a Singaporean lady who joined FFG about seven years ago. She flew to Ghana and India on her own to open the market in these countries while she knew nobody there. She built this business in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Ghana. Today her business is also growing in Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

Yin Fan started earning passive income five years ago. When she passed away in 2011, we were still with our previous network marketing company, but we moved to another company in July 2014. Even though she is no longer with us, the beauty of this business is that she is still earning passive income until now. Since Yin Fan wasn’t married, we helped to transfer the business ownership to her sister. Even though her sister knows nothing about the business, she keeps on receiving passive income even today.

When we moved from our previous company to our current company, her entire network was also moved, and we maintain her asset in exactly the same structure. Whatever she built in the past, we maintain it for her. This is why her sister is receiving passive income until today. This is our commitment: we protect our FFG families’ assets. People can feel peaceful when they build the business, because we protect the network and assets even if they pass away.

Leaders Testimonials


Great Changes

JOSIANE DJOUMBI, Stylist Designer, Dakar, Senegal

I come from a poor family of nine children. Our family situation was one of the reasons why I did not study enough. In 2010 I had the chance to meet FFG and network marketing via an exceptional coach who pushed me to go learn in Indonesia. There I attended one of best training Bootcamps and Netcamp that have inspired me a lot. It was for me the beginning of great change in my life. I learned that to be born poor is not my responsibility because I did not choose my parents, but to die poor is my entire responsibility. FFG helps me to learn that people are the center of all activity. We must love them unconditionally and help them to think big and excel. It is why I push the maximum of people to go and attend these trainings.


Limitless Potential

ENDRY SJAMSURI & FILAN KWOK, Businessman & Top Executive, Jakarta, Indonesia

Before FFG, we just worked for a living. We did not care at all about vision or mission. After attending three fantastic days in Bootcamp, we found our purpose. We value life and treasure each breath we take. We started seeing miracles happen every day—to us and the people around us. We didn’t realize we have so much love to give! FFG taught us to love unconditionally, give more, serve more, and touch more hearts and lives everywhere. They have faith in us, teach us, guide us, and love us unconditionally—from weakness to strength, from grass to grace, from nothing to something. As we learned and grew, we also saw thousands of brothers and sisters in FFG growing fantastically in every aspect of their life. This is the legacy we want to give to our children and for generations to come.


Remarkable Process

FELIX ADIPATIE & ATI DAMAYANTI, Regional General Manager & Senior Manager, Surabaya, Indonesia

We came from a totally different background in terms of race, religion, and character. It was not easy for us to keep our marriage in harmony and live as a unified family. We are grateful we found FFG nine years ago and became a part of this great community, so that we could go through a remarkable process and become a happy and unified family. FFG activities, especially its Bootcamp program, has been shaping our family by enhancing and emphasizing our common strengths, creating synergy so that we now respect and appreciate each other. FFG also teaches us to live peacefully and become survivors. These values definitely affect our children as well to become self-driven and responsible humans. Our family motto is to “do more for others than we do for ourselves.” This motto strengthens us every time we are facing a challenge in life.


Agents of Change

LUDWIG ARTHUR & WARDHANI INDRIATI, Psychologist & Senior Manager, Surabaya, Indonesia

Sixteen years ago we were in a financial and mental crisis. My husband Ludwig was a drug addict who abused our two daughters and me for years. Sometimes we had to escape from our own home. I had to resign from a promising job and our family fell into serious debt. Every morning I went to church to pray with tears, asking God if He had another purpose for our life. One day a friend introduced us to network marketing. I joined because I wanted to pay our debt and be financial free. By God’s grace we met the FFG community. Its founder Onggy taught us this business is about empowering people. Our life was saved through his life-changing Bootcamp. Ludwig stopped doing drugs and I felt like a new person. Now we are a happy family. We paid our debt, we have peace of mind, and we are ready to be agents of change!


Journey of Growth

ABRAHAM LALAMENTIK & JOSAHERA THEJOCOSUMO, Pastor/Lecturer & Housewife, Jakarta, Indonesia

I am an ordinary housewife from Jakarta Indonesia. Thanks to network marketing I can positively influence the lives of many people. It has been an incredible journey of growth for me, in terms of my personal leadership development, and how my growth can spur the growth of people within my network. The various programs developed by FFG are truly reproducible and provide a hands-on guide for people to start realizing their dreams. Therefore, through multilevel marketing and the FFG Love Movement I believe I can help to raise the living standards of many people anywhere in the world. My tips for success are simple: don’t give up and work out your God-given destiny through developing other people using network marketing strategies. I would like to thank Mr. Onggy, founder of the FFG network who for all this time has mentored me in the multilevel business.


All Things Are Possible with Faith

DANIEL CHANG TIO & NJO AI LING, Businessman & Housewife, Surabaya, Indonesia

At first, our reason to join network marketing was to pay off our debt. Once we accomplished that, we could see the potential of this business as one way to achieve financial freedom for our family. One of the greatest blessings we found was the FFG community. FFG’s teachings always support and guide us as professional network builders to develop the right mindset, dream big, and walk with Godly faith. We are growing mentally and spiritually through FFG’s trainings, especially by attending its life-changing Bootcamp, Value Your Life.

Another great benefit we earned is hope. Today we can share and provide this hope as part of our contribution to people around the world. Special thanks to Mr. Onggy as our FFG Founder and his wife Mrs. Candra Dewi who always teach us the power of giving and to fight for a better life.


Making a Global Impact

MATHIAS KASIH & FLOREN KASIH, Top Executive in Multinational Company, Jakarta, Indonesia
The last 15 years with FFG has been a fantastic journey. When we joined the business, we thought it was just an opportunity to earn money. What we learned from FFG is that money is the fruit, not the root. Good fruit can only grow from good root. FFG teachings focus on growing a strong foundation in all aspects of life. Coming from the corporate world with no business background, we learned how to become business owners, transforming our mindset, attitude, and actions. We learned to care for people we didn’t know before—people from different backgrounds, different education, different social status, different cultures, religions, colors, and personalities. Through FFG’s teachings about caring without limit, we grew in our humanity and keep on growing while making a global impact.


Finding Our Path

RAOUL RUBEN NJIONOU & NADINE NJIONOU, Doctor/Businessman & Housewife, Yaounde, Cameroun

We live in a beautiful country in Central Africa. After graduating university, I got married and my dream was to have a stable family—especially financially stable so we could have a happy life. But I had forgotten that our time is not God’s time. In 2008 I joined network marketing and for two years we totally failed. But in 2010 God sent me an angel who convinced us to travel to Indonesia to attend a life-changing Bootcamp and Network camp. Mr. Onggy invested his energy mentoring me, guiding me to realize my dreams, to challenge myself, and especially to stop complaining, because I am the one responsible for my future. He taught me about forgiveness and leadership by example, and how to be a good husband, father, and son. Today my life purpose is to raise up more people in Africa and around the world.


Miracles Are Real

YULIANTO & MARIA AMELIA SASONGKO (with baby Matthew Jayden Liam), Employee & Graphic Designer, Jakarta, Indonesia
Network marketing and FFG are the important pillars in our life. FFG provides fantastic educational programs that change lives by revolutionizing people’s mindsets. FFG constantly guides us to add value to others. We witnessed so many people grow mentally and spiritually. They also inspired us to become a better person. We learned to make our vision board and always to believe that everything happens for a good reason. We do our very best in anything we do, and leave the rest to God in total surrender. We set crystal clear goals, pray, focus, take massive action, and enjoy the results. As soon as we applied these teaching, many miracles happened in our life—including having our lovely baby. According to the doctors, it was almost impossible to get pregnant. We just believed and prayed, and then the miracle happened.


My Life Is My Adventure

YULIANNY THEJOCOSUMO, Businesswoman, Jakarta, Indonesia

I joined network marketing because I knew there was a good business opportunity. Everything changed when I attended a life-changing program. It was one of FFG’s first Bootcamps in 2003 and since then I have never been absent as one of the crew. I found my purpose in life and passionately love what I do. My life is an adventure and I enjoy every second of my journey with FFG. I am one of the many witnesses and products of FFG. The FFG process totally transformed me. Starting in Indonesia, we have been doing this business for 15 years. Off course we’ve gone through many challenges. Our Bootcamp has been running for more than 13 years. I know God put me on this path. I walk with faith that He brings me a wonderful life, as we help always more people in our wonderful FFG Love Movement!

Leaders Testimonials by Country


TIMOR LESTE - Ambassador, Bendito dos Santos Freitas & Leoniza
Since we joined the FFG community in 2013, our life became more meaningful, particularly in relation to our family and society. We attended Bootcamp in December 2013 and were inspired by the power of love. The FFG movement keeps growing across continents, trespassing political borders and religious affiliations, upholding beliefs of peace and love.


UNITED STATES - Anne Ratna Komala
I found out about FFG in 2009 from my customer when I was in Shanghai. I came to Jakarta to attend the Bootcamp training that same year. Since that moment, I felt that FFG is not only a business community; it rebuilt myself completely—my character, attitude, and spiritual side. I’m growing in all aspects of life.


UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Jonas Amedee Noutai
As a former business owner in Dubai, I thank God for leading me to discover FFG. This academy builds a real business mindset. Attending Bootcamp and Netcamp in Indonesia gave me back my heart and helped me understand the value of being human. Now my mission on earth is to touch and impact people’s lives around the world. Thanks FFG!


GUINEA BISSAU - Richard Adrien Fernandez
First I want to thank God and every person who allowed me to know network marketing, as it is one of the greatest gifts I received in my life. But network marketing by itself is not enough, that’s why I need FFG. Now I found my vision, mission, dreams, and goals. Thank you FFG!


IVORY COAST - Hortense & Antoine Kouassi
A lawyer and an economist, three years ago we were “hooked” by a presentation of a 32-year-old man, Dr. Raoul Ruben Njionou. Surprisingly he didn’t talk about numbers, ratio, finance, etc.—but rather “be humble, share, love...” Since then, we fell in love with this business and FFG. Thank you FFG for changing our perception about network marketing and life.


HONG KONG - Betty Kwan
Before FFG, I was a top corporate executive and thought my life was great: I had a highly paid job, traveled everywhere, and partied on weekends. But deep inside I was lost. I used alcohol and cigarettes to escape my reality. In 2009, Bootcamp transformed my life. I quit smoking and drinking. I learned to be humble and found my mission in life. I found the real me.


CAMBODIA - Pel Sopheap (Vincent) & Ang Sokuntheary
Both working as corporate managers, we found FFG in early 2013 and can’t describe how it has impacted our lives. FFG is more than just a business, it is a family with true loving care and a school of life. The “Value Your Life” spirit has become our mission in life, which we know from our heart will bring great change to our country and world.


MALAYSIA - Stephen Loh Chung Lee & Elsa Atmadja
Network marketing has allowed us to grow tremendously in our mindset and thinking pattern. Through both our business platform and FFG, we have become better versions of ourselves, better spouses, better children to our parents, better parents to our children, and better human beings for this world. We are proud to be under the wings of Freedom Faithnet Global.


REPUBLIC OF CONGO - Marianne Boutoto
Trained as an accountant, I’m now a full-time FFG Senior Mentor. I joined network marketing in 2013. My husband and I went to Indonesia to attend Bootcamp and Netcamp. These two trainings changed my life. FFG allowed me to discover myself and have confidence in my gifts. God bless papa Onggy and top leader papa Raoul who gives hope to young people in Africa.


TOGO - Douti-Lare Abi Damidia
When I found network marketing in 2012, I was against it. After five months of amateurism, I met amazing leaders who held my hand. They asked me to attend Bootcamp in Indonesia. There I realized my weaknesses that have been holding me back. Today I am financially free!  I share the FFG system in Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, and Burkina Faso as Togo’s FFG Grand Mentor.


BENIN - KO Yélognissè Ayiyéton Luc & SEKPE Sèmèvo Fortune Elodie
Blessed be the day I stepped in the Bootcamp classroom. I learned to be myself, to live for me and for others, with unconditional love for all human beings created in God’s image. Financially, FFG allowed me to earn passive income through network marketing. Today I am a Senior Mentor and I will definitely pursue my process to the top with FFG.


I am a single parent of three children and a guardian of eight orphans. Network marketing is a real blessing to me, as it gives me a chance to live a normal life, and gives new hope to the helpless under my care. FFG leaders have unconditional love, regardless of color, nationality, language, and status. Their love inspired me to go the next mile and to see life differently.


SINGAPORE - Oh Chee Meng
“Study hard, get good grades, and get a good job” is on most Singaporeans’ minds. Network marketing was the shortcut for me: making a lot of money without good grades. Money was all I could think about, until I found FFG. It gave me purpose, hope, and positive energy to live my life. Purpose is more powerful than the temporary pleasures money can buy!


BURKINA FASO - Wenketa Adolphe Kabore
My name is Kabore from Burkina Faso. Network marketing and FFG really changed my life. I can forgive my parents and now I have a harmonized family. Since I have a stable income from this business I resigned from my job. I now have a peaceful mind about money. Thank you FFG.


MALI - Oumar Doucoure
My name is Oumar from Mali. After I joined this business I attended a fantastic seminar called Value Your Life, A Life-Changing Bootcamp. It changed my life in many aspects. Thank you FFG for giving me a hope. I also thanks to FFG Founder, Mr. Onggy Hianata.


At first I joined network marketing because I liked the products. My upline brought me to the amazing community FFG and I joined an amazing program, Bootcamp. I found that FFG leaders really walk the talk and the entire movement is based on love. I am so blessed to know this wonderful community and to work with amazing leaders.