Dr. Doug Firebaugh

No one has ever succeeded long term at anything without being driven by a powerful purpose. It just does not happen. Yes, there are those flash-in-the-pans that come into network marketing and quickly blow it up, but then… just as quickly disappear.

Why does this happen? I believe there is one main explanation:

They were not purpose-driven, but process-driven. Many people in our business are just that. And process-driven people seem to get frustrated and discouraged so much easier than purpose-driven people. Your process of how you build your business will catalyze the results, no doubt. But it is your purpose that will create results that endure—and help keep you around long enough to have a chance to create true wealth in your home business.

It’s the old question: “What comes first? Purpose or process?”

The answer is simple. Your purpose drives the process—not the other way around. The process is the action phase, whether online or offline. But your purpose is the power and mindset that energizes the action that will take you to the success you seek.

Process can be learned and then duplicated. But purpose is different. Process is what you borrow from an existing step-by-step success path, and then follow for results. Purpose is what you own emotionally—and then you release those emotions into your process (actions) as energy, focus, drive, and relentlessness.

That brings us to a formula I have taught for years in my seminars: PURPOSE > PROCESS > PERFORMANCE

Your purpose will drive the process which will determine the performance. Simple formula, but incredibly powerful. The success you seek is not about just getting into motion. It is about getting into e-motion first.

A purpose-driven entrepreneur is not just in motion. They first tap into emotion, which births the drive and power for getting in motion, capturing and accelerating the results they desire.

Often, purpose is called your why. Everyone talks about their why. Why you are doing something? Why are you even thinking about it? Why are you putting up with such lack of results—at least for now? You might say, “My reason is … .” But a reason is not your why. A reason does not go nearly as deep.

According to the dictionary, a reason is a “cause or justification” for doing something. It really does not connect much to emotions. It is basically justifying your actions. Your why goes way beyond that, in your personal life and in business. How can you tell the difference?

Simple. The power of the why is connection. But not just any connection. We’re talking about a gripping, captivating, locked-in connection to your emotions. It is something that has connected to you in a personal, profound, and powerful way.

WHY stands for “What Has You?” or “What Has Your (heart)?” For example, “What has your emotions? What has your energy?” Whatever has captured and captivated your heart, that is your actual WHY. Everything else falls to reason.

Your why for building a million-dollar business could be providing for your children and family in a way you were not provided for. It could be to make a difference in the world, as your heart yearns for change. It could be to live a life you have always dreamed of but never have lived, as you prove who you really are. It could be to help people look and feel better than they have for years, as you have had a powerful personal transformation in your skin or health and want to tell the world. These whys are driving you to do things. They are personal and highly emotional compared to reasons, which simply and usually do not carry much emotion.

Here is the million-dollar question:
What has you? What has your heart? What are you so connected to that it creates an emotion so powerful that your dreams must happen? And you get absolutely disgusted at the thought of them not happening?

I had this kind of why when building my network marketing business. My why was my daughter whom I call “Binky.” She is my why to this day. I wanted to give her a life where all her needs were met, and I still have that drive today. It often consumed me. When I did not want to make phone calls, I would simply look at her picture taped to my phone (this was in the 80s and 90s) and then any negative feelings or apathy would disappear and I would jump on the phone. I was not going to deny Binky what I wanted to give my daughter.

What is THE most important thing in your life? What do you connect with emotionally that pulls you towards it, captivates your heart, and brings you joy when you think about accomplishing anything that brings you closer to it?

That is your purpose. That is what is going to drive you and power you through the obstacles that otherwise may trip you up or stop you.

It could be a faith-based purpose like Jodi and I have. It could be a family-centered purpose, an accomplishment-driven purpose, a cause-driven purpose, or whatever has your heart and is telling you to “do something about it!”

If you observe the top earners in this profession, you will notice they all have a purpose and are driven by the power behind it. You must get yourself a purpose and then drive that emotional connection so deep that you do not hear the no’s, naysayers, or your own negative thoughts. You only hear the echoes of your purpose, relentlessly driving you to ever-growing fulfillment and success.

Dr. DOUG FIREBAUGH has been a coach to networking professionals and a veteran network marketer himself for 28 years. He also is an author, a cofounder of the Home Business Radio Network, and the show host for the daily radio talk show “The Millionaire Road.”