Rachiele David

I was born into a low income family in a third-world country. My father drove a Public Utility Vehicle and my mother worked as a beautician.

My parents separated when I was just four years old. I grew up in a hostile environment where the future seemed bleak and people were merely surviving. Somehow, even at a tender young age, I knew and felt I didn’t belong there.

I only finished high school because of limited resources and having to work at an early age. I got married at age 19 and was blessed with four beautiful kids and a very understanding husband. My world started to change. I told myself how I came into this world was out of my control, but how I will live my life and what comes of me is totally in my hands. Despite a difficult youth, I never let all that negativity drag me down. Deep in my heart I knew I was meant to do greater things.

With no college education and being married with young kids, what should I do? How to make something out of nothing? To be open to learning was the way out. Armed with little capital, no knowledge, but with big dreams and passion, I took the plunge to become an entrepreneur.

My first network marketing company opened my eyes about how this business has been changing a lot of people’s lives. I have traveled from one opportunity to another over the years exploring and learning. I met a lot of people who have become my wealth over the years, I learned that my past experiences were preparing me for something bigger; that all the losses I incurred were just my tuition fee in this profession; that I had to go through it all, because it would be part of my story.

In 2002 I started doing online marketing, with very little computer knowledge. I had to learn everything only by intuition. Again, my only armor was my passion, my willingness to learn, and my can-do attitude. It took me 10 years of hard work waiting for that break. In 2011 an opportunity opened for me to expose myself and be heard all over the world, through my webinars and YouTube videos.

I built a huge organization using technology. Now I am able to broadcast, express, and educate people on a global scale. I teach people about entrepreneurship through the power of social media—how we can work from home, be around our family, and contribute to our families’ needs.

My passion is to show people an alternative to high unemployment, that network marking is a solution. I want to be a light and motivating factor for others to wake up and realize, “there are no problems... only solutions!”

Looking back on my life and the process I went through, I realize that our circumstances in life prepare us and mold us, and what comes of it is entirely dependent on us. As the saying goes, “If life throws you lemons, make lemonade!” Let’s live to inspire others.

Based in the Philippines, RACHIELE DAVID has been doing network marketing for almost two decades. She recently achieved a top rank in her company and is the top earner in her country.