Janine Finney

I love the quote by Howard Thurman, Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Anytime I am given the opportunity to bring clarity to a situation where there is confusion, I come alive. I’m fueled by my deep desire to understand why something appears to be the way it does. When I’m able to provide a different perspective, it feels like I’m serving a greater cause.

I could never have imagined that network marketing would turn out to be such a perfect place for me to live my mission. I discovered the importance of clarity about this business firsthand.

About ten years ago, when my daughter first came to me, excited about the opportunity she’d discovered, I wanted nothing to do with it. Lory was shocked. She had never seen me so opposed to anything before. It was a difficult time for us. We battled for over a year.

Finally I decided to prove to her how wrong she was to believe the hyped-up success stories she was being told. I did my due diligence and discovered that a lot had changed in the 30 years since I’d been exposed to network marketing.

After the light bulb went on for me about the brilliance of our business model, I went on a mission to tell everyone about what I’d discovered. Some listened and some didn’t. I realized we had a challenge. Many people are opposed to our business even though they don’t have any idea of what it’s really about. Being passionate about providing clarity, I felt I’d landed right where I was meant to be.

Bringing clarity to the topic of network marketing is something I have to do. I understand what it’s like to love this business—and I know what it’s like to despise it. I’ve been on both sides. I get it. My daughter and I wrote the book The Flip Flop CEO to share our own story of having opposing views about the business. We wanted to provide a fun, sassy resource that would speak to smart professionals.

Anyone searching for freedom and flexibility needs to know about this business. I have compassion for them, because I’ve been where they are. I’ve dropped my kids off at day care in the dark, and picked them up in the dark. I missed important moments in their lives that I’ll never get back. And I’ve spent years working on someone else’s schedule, to fulfill someone else’s dreams. Now that I know there’s another option, I feel obligated to share it with others.

Because of our book, we have become self-appointed ambassadors of network marketing. We’re far from being the ideal candidates for the job. We’re not among the “rock star” earners of the profession, but we are its passionate advocates because of our own experience. Our network marketing businesses allowed us to achieve our version of success. We believe our story exemplifies what a lot of other women are searching for. We wanted to find a way to replace our corporate incomes, while having the freedom and flexibility to plan our work around our lives. When Lory saw the incredible incomes people were earning, she realized she’d found the solution.

Janine Finney

Once I came to the same realization, we studied the policies and procedures of the company. We reviewed the compensation plan until we understood what was required to achieve our goals of replacing our corporate incomes. And we decided we could do it. We treated network marketing like a business—and it worked. We achieved what we set out to do, fairly quickly. We exceeded our financial goals. We earned cars and trips. And most importantly, we earned the freedom to do our work from wherever we chose to be.

Many people treat network marketing like a lottery ticket. They think it’s about luck or chance. They don’t take it seriously. A common mistake network marketers make is we only talk about the top earners in our companies. We reserve the spotlight for those who are earning six- or seven figures. This has contributed to the misconception that this is an “all or nothing” business. Many people think there are only two options in network marketing: massive success or complete failure. What about all the people, like Lory and me, who fall in the middle? We tend to forget that not everyone’s goals and reasons for getting into the business are the same.

Continuing our quest to bring clarity to the topic, we’ve just completed our new book Does the Shoe Fit? to help readers assess this business just as they would any other income opportunity. We show them the difference between trading time for a paycheck and working to build residual income. Understanding this will help new reps set more realistic goals and expectations. Our purpose is to create a paradigm shift in the way people view our business. This is what makes me come alive, and the world needs it!

JANINE FINNEY and LORY MUIRHEAD are a mother-and-daughter team who have successfully built their businesses side by side for over 12 years. In 2011 they coauthored The Flip-Flop CEO. In 2016 they released the sequel, Does the Shoe Fit?