Judy O’Higgins

I’ve always known that I came here with a purpose of helping others.

It’s just an inner knowing I can’t rationally explain, yet it has shaped my choices of schools, career, and business. It clearly is my soul/sole purpose.

When I was 17 my father sat me down for the “talk” (No, not that talk) and proceeded to share how much he loved his work of investing other people’s money and how he so wanted me to follow in his footsteps as his only child. He couldn’t wait to start teaching me everything he knew. The problem was, I had already decided on a career in the helping profession. I was a huge disappointment to my dad for not wanting to follow his lead in the investment field, but I had to be true to myself and my “purpose.” I said no to the person I loved most in this world. It was a defining moment in my life.

After college I went to the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, knowing that I was in the right place, even though I didn’t know how this “helping people” thing was going to materialize for me. I partied a lot and found myself in trouble with alcohol. It only got worse after graduation when I married my drinking buddy from college and we moved to the inner city of Detroit to work in direct social service jobs for two years. It felt good to finally be doing something worthwhile, but my drinking progressed and my dream of making a real difference in the world was fading into oblivion.

After a divorce and a move to the West Coast, things got worse—until I finally went into a 30-day substance abuse treatment program to get sober. After two years of sobriety, I entered a special college program designed for people wanting to work in the drug and alcohol field. Finally I felt I was on the right track and could make a big difference in the lives of others who suffered from addictions.

I ended up counseling people in 30-day inpatient treatment programs for 10 years, including becoming the director of the program where I had to be carried in as an inpatient myself several years earlier! It was another defining moment that made me realize my own alcohol struggles had been for purposeful good. I understsood what those patients needed, because I had been one.

The last leg of my helping career was 15 years in private practice after a move to Northern Arizona. I did individual counseling and small group therapy for women. I loved what I did—fulfilling my purpose of contributing to improving others’ lives. I always thought I would continue with counseling forever.

Around 2005 something happened that I didn’t count on—counselor burnout. All of a sudden I felt depressed, didn’t want to do my job or take any new clients. What I really needed to do was retire, but like many Baby Boomers, I didn’t have sufficient savings so I couldn’t. I felt trapped, overwhelmed, and without options after 25 years in the counseling profession doing what I believed I was put here to do. I prayed for a solution.

During this time I had tried a network marketing venture with the goal of setting myself up for retirement “someday,” but after a few years of working part time in a business where I was not in love with the product, the company folded. I vowed that was the end of my trying to succeed in business.

Judy O’Higgins

In January 2005 my phone rang. It was an old friend who was also a well-known leader from my previous network marketing company. He invited me to check out his new company and sample the product. Immediately I caught his vision, and I knew this was perfect for me. I loved the product and service. It was fun and it made a positive emotional impact on everyone it touched. Instantly I knew this was the solution I had prayed for and I signed up on the spot.

After just two years of working my new network marketing business part time around my counseling schedule, I had matched my income. I was able to retire from my former career, while sharing a product that makes a difference in the world. What an amazing blessing!

Today, being a network marketing professional allows me to use my counseling and people skills in a different way through coaching and mentoring my team members and empowering them to greater success. My purpose is alive and well, and now I help to change others’ lives in a different, but equally fulfilling way. I help people break free from corporate America and become their own boss, stay home to raise their kids, or realize their retirement dreams like I have through our profession. It’s an incredible opportunity that I am grateful for every day.

My future vision includes helping women in all network marketing companies to work through their inner blocks and have more success. I do this by putting on small, intimate women’s network marketing retreats, combining my group skills with my network marketing experience in collaboration with other successful women—another step in carrying out my soul’s purpose and living a life of contribution. I love the freedom network marketing has brought to my life and just want to continue helping others have the success they desire.

JUDY O’HIGGINS has been a solopreneur since 1990 with her own private counseling practice. When she was introduced to network marketing, she instantly loved the win-win approach of working with others for the common goal of financial freedom and getting paid to help others succeed. Two years into her network marketing business, Judy was able to retire from counseling and has been in a top earner in her company ever since. Judy loves empowering others to believe in themselves and doing things they didn’t think were possible.