Gene Maxon Adigu

Growing up as a young adult I have always wanted to be independent and do things my way. I did not want to be bossed around or wake up from sleep just to keep up with someone else’s time. No disrespect to people who prefer that way of life. To each their choice.

My greatest purpose in life is to be free and engage in activities that help transform myself—and then extend that chance others. I want to see other people happy. That’s why I will be forever be grateful for our unique business model.

When I discovered network marketing, it was what I had been waiting for, and when my wife invited me for my first business presentation, I plugged in immediately, because it’s not a selfish business, but a unique business model that sincerely promotes a good life for others. Living a good life is not only about making money, but also about building good relationships along the way. Since I started building my business, I have been trying to help people to live a much better life.

The lifestyle I want is to work whenever I want to, not according to someone’s direction or order. I can decide to travel to another state to help build up team members or aspiring entrepreneurs, or I can decide to stay home and use Skype to accomplish the same goals. This is a great way to live life on our terms and our business has made all this possible. This in turn has attracted a lot of people, because it’s easier to move yourself to take action instead of waiting for someone’s command.

My business has been a source of great encouragement to me and others, because as I educate others on how to be their own boss, motivate themselves to take action, and why it’s important to live a life of freedom, I also talk to myself indirectly. I tell myself how lucky I am to know a way to happiness and freedom to live the best life anyone can ever imagine.

One more thing I always want to do is to visit other places and meet different people from diverse backgrounds. Network marketing has taken me to many places I otherwise would only see on T.V. For someone who hails from western African, it’s not common for us to travel across the world. This business has given us those opportunities and we have been able to meet great leaders in exotic places.

Living the life you truly desire is the most awesome gift a person can ever ask for and network marketing makes it possible.

GENE ADIGU is a network marketing professional from Nigeria who has built a global business in just five years. He is a big promoter of the profession in Africa whose passion is to help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed, and also to attract new people to the profession with his electrifying story.