Alexis Romano

Discovering your “purpose” in life essentially boils down to finding the one or two causes you feel compelled to work for that are bigger than yourself, and bigger than those around you. These causes inspire you too think beyond yourself, think greater than yourself, and take inspired action. My ultimate purpose is to create an atmosphere of prosperity, abundance, personal growth, and greater fulfillment—not only for adults, but also for children.

My network marketing business has allowed me to inspire and empower thousands of people from all around the world and now impact children globally. Our team has funded and built a school in Africa that is housing 60 students who would otherwise never have access to education.

As my journey continues, my mission grows. I have created a charity organization called Millionaire Mindset Mansion for Teens. Our vision is to become a world-class, innovative, and relevant foundation committed to the sustained transformation of at-risk youth. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and enrich the lives of at-risk young people so as to enhance their confidence in the future. We provide a unique and fun environment for positivity and growth. Our commitment is to introduce relevant techniques and methodologies specific to health, mindset, relationships, wealth creation, and entrepreneurship.

My wish is for every person young or old to have a soul-designed purpose that is sourced from their inner being. Many people enter network marketing so they can sleep in every morning, but what about jumping out of bed to fulfill your purpose? What about not wishing for retirement, but for what’s going to keep your heart pumping and your mind sharp in your golden years?

Doing what makes me feel most alive is what drives me, what feeds my spirit and fuels my soul. My business makes this possible. I believe we’re all sent here for a reason and that we all have significance in the world. I genuinely feel that we are all blessed with unique gifts and opportunities. Network marketing is a blessing and gift that touches lives in one way or another. Who will be next to participate in this exciting journey?

Based in New Jersey, ALEXIS ROMANO is a retired educator/high school counselor of 21 years. She is a top income earner in her company, a certified health coach, and owner of Thrive Fitness and Body Soul & Pole Hoboken.