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Nov/Dec 2016 Issue
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"How does your business allow you to live your purpose?"

Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur? We all want to make an impact and live a life of purpose. Whether you want to reach your highest human potential, become a top achiever in your field, contribute to the lives of others, or all of the above, building a network marketing business makes it all possible. For this issue, we invited leaders to share what they learned about finding and living their purpose. Here is what they said:

Who Will Be Next?
By Alexis Romano
The Most Awesome Gift
By Gene Maxon Adigu
Patience, Pain, Practice
By Bridget Cavanaugh
Soul/Sole purpose
By Judy O'Higgins
What Makes You Come Alive?
By Janine Finney
The Magic of Purpose
By Vijay Eswaran
Live to Inspire Others
By Rachiele David
Planting Trees
By Greg Greenough
Empowering Africans to Dream
By Swarna Krishnan
Purpose Drives Us
By Dr. Doug Firebaugh

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