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Ashley Aliprandi
Ashley Aliprandi

Amber Voight
Amber Voight

Inspire Us!
Ashley Aliprandi
To attract Millennials into your business, share success stories, show them an easy win, set the right expectation, and offer a platform to make an impact.

On Raising the Next Generation

Be a Friend
Amber Voight
We conduct business differently than we did 10 or 15 years ago, says Amber Voight. Leading a global sales organization of over 105,000 (mostly) young entrepreneurs, Amber learned a few lessons about doing things “the Millennial way.” After sharing her best tips, she asked her top leaders for their #1 success secret.

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"How do we evolve the network marketing model for future generations?"

  • Ali Mehdaoui, The Fearless Generation
  • Michelle Van Etten, Our with the Old, In with the New
  • Joshua Peart, Rather Die Than Be Unpopular
  • Maria Ghaderi, A Way to Thrive
  • Zachary Gafford, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs
  • Wes Linden, University Dropout to Universe Traveler
  • Katie Ritz, Preparing for Gen Z

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