WLike many veterans in network marketing, I have watched the “invasion” of Generation Y with a myriad of emotions–curiosity, awe, wonder, frustration, amazement. What I am most grateful for is that this next generation is forcing us to reinvent ourselves and our profession.

What I see emerging with the blending of Baby Boomers and Millennials is a new breed of network marketers. The meteoric rise of social media has forced us all, regardless of age, to become members of the “Facebook Generation” (and YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat—with more on the way), and in doing so we are raising the bar, creating a more dynamic business model that’s moving and evolving at an ever-increasing pace.

The state of mind that drives Millennials and their unique perspective on the word is contagious, as if there were an inner millennial inside of all of us waiting to be unleashed. Millennials are emerging entrepreneurs who haven’t lost that service-based, passion-driven, larger-than-life idealism of youth. They have not surrendered to the traditional path of sacrificing what they were born to be great at, to get paid for something they were good at, only to lose themselves in the process—as too many have done in previous generations. Regardless of anyone’s age, that passion can be reignited and Millennials are fanning the flames in every community, culture, and company they get involved in.

Millennials come to network marketing younger, better connected, and more comfortable with technology than my generation. They are joining our profession not out of desperation, coming from hardship or dreams long lost, but out of inspiration. They have fresh and vital networks to market to and they are raring to go. They don’t want to be hyped, nor do they have the desire to hype others. Rather than looking for a community to belong to, they look for ways to bring value to the groups they are already part of. They are more focused on the journey than the destination, making them a discerning audience, which I believe is their greatest gift to network marketing.

Here’s my “50,000-foot” view: this new generation has revitalized the space for me. They have harnessed the power of social media and brought enthusiasm, efficiency, and a contemporary sophistication to network marketing. This savvy, high tech, millennial phenomenon blended with the discipline, relationship and culture building expertise that has been the core of network marketing since its inception has converged to create an explosion that we are just seeing the first glimmers of now.  

Network marketing is advancing faster than ever before. It’s going mainstream, becoming more valued, and getting better every day. All it takes is a company you believe in, a product you love, a group of people you love to work and play with, and if you really want to knock it out of the park while having a blast doing it, a Millennial state of mind.

LISA FAEDER GROSSMANN is an international network marketing leader, dynamic trainer, sought after speaker, and mentor to many.