Ellen Marrs is a homeschool mom, network marketing trainer, published author, and marathon runner who inspires people to face challenges and pursue their dreams. Despite a difficult childhood, Ellen developed an unbridled passion for life by using her past hurts to propel her growth.

Finding network marketing allowed her to dive deep into personal development and build her inner strength. Today Ellen has a thriving business, a happy family, and a “life of dreams come true.” She resides in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband Rick and their seven young children.

Born and raised in a small town in northeast Georgia, Ellen was the middle child of three and only 11 years old when her mother passed away from cancer. This traumatic event, along with the fact that her stepfather no longer wanted to raise her, had a dramatic impact on her emotional development.

“A few months following my mother’s death, I was dropped off on a family member’s doorstep after being told that no one else wanted to take care of me,” says Ellen. “I had a choice to either stay with my uncle and aunt, or go to a home for ‘troubled girls.’ Fortunately, my aunt and uncle decided to raise me as their own child. However, that didn’t repair much of the damage that had been done to my self-esteem and body image. Growing up, I didn’t realize how much these things would affect me, until I started seeing the negative patterns in my relationships.”

Ellen reached adulthood troubled by fear of abandonment and feelings of unworthiness.

In 2007, Ellen was working as an administrative assistant for her church when Barbara Starley, another church member, made a product presentation for the church staff.

“I wasn’t interested in a greeting card service at the time,” says Ellen. “I didn’t think I needed it personally or professionally.”

Five years later, Ellen’s employer (a pastor at a different church) asked her to try the product as  part of her job. To Ellen’s surprise, the same woman who had presented the product to Ellen five years prior, had given her pastor a free product sample.

As soon as Ellen saw the positive reactions of those who received the product, she knew there was something special about it. When people started asking her how they could begin using it themselves, Ellen referred them to Barbara.

“At that point Barbara explained to me how I could earn free product if these people became my customers,” says Ellen. “I initially signed up as a distributor in my company for the free products I could earn.”

Little by little, Ellen developed an interest in and started learning about the business opportunity. Because of her past, Ellen says she brought “a truckload of emotional baggage” to her network marketing business. Being abused as a child and abandoned on someone’s doorstep had taken its toll on her confidence. Worrying about what others thought of her was a constant challenge. She also struggled with feeling personally rejected when people didn’t respond favorably to her product offering or business opportunity.

In 2011 Ellen and her husband Rick became licensed foster parents. “At first, we were blessed to have two children come into our lives and capture our hearts,” says Ellen. “Then, in 2014, our family of four suddenly and unexpectedly expanded to nine people with the adoption of a foster care sibling group of four and the birth of our daughter, Jaeden. This all happened in a span of nine months.”

Ellen’s Success Tips

Ellen Marrs's Tips

Today, raising seven young children between the ages of 2 and 11, Ellen has to be flexible and adapt to her family’s changing needs.

“We have a regular routine at home” she says, “but I have to intentionally schedule blocks of time during my day to focus on business-building activities. The freedom to work when and where I want is one of the greatest benefits a network marketing business offers.”

Ellen’s favorite prospecting approach is to send her product to anyone she wants to connect with. “I try to meet someone new every day, or at least seven new people each week,” she says. “I also collect business cards and stay in touch with each new contact by sending them a greeting card. Our enhanced phone app makes it quick and easy to share our product. Building these relationships often yields close friendships and sometimes business partnerships.”

To increase duplication, Ellen uses a simple system anyone can plug into. “I direct my team to the company trainings and follow the recommended presentation process,” she says. “Attending events has been one of the best ways to grow and lead my team. I set the example by registering myself first, and then offer to share expenses with those for whom finances might be an issue.”

Ellen says the most transformational gift she has received from the network marketing profession is personal development. “Building my business has helped me believe I’m worthy and that I have much to contribute to the world. Because of my past experiences, I had lost my ability to dream. I didn’t even realize this until network marketing came into my life. My faith in God and the strength He provides has grown tremendously because of my positive experiences in this business. Kody Bateman, my company’s founder and CEO, taught me to dream big again by developing On-Purpose statements.”

In June 2012, Ellen wrote down 17 of these statements at her first company convention. One of them said, “I am a marathon mom, soaring through 12 races in 12 months.”

As soon as she came home, Ellen began training and ran her first race in October 2012.  She continued running one half or full marathon each month for 12 consecutive months, including during her pregnancy. By September 2013 she had completed her “12 in 12” race challenge.  

“My On-Purpose statements became my prayer list and inspiration during my daily devotional time,” says Ellen. “Since then, I have seen many of them manifest in my life. My prayers are continuously being answered and I’m receiving blessings beyond my wildest dreams. In just four years, network marketing has helped me to accomplish more than I could have ever asked for or imagined. This is how I know God brought me into this profession at the perfect time.”

In 2015, Ellen wrote her life’s story and became a published author, as well as a motivational speaker. With her church staff team, she developed and now teaches a class on gratitude to help others recognize and appreciate all the blessings in their lives.

At present, Ellen spends her time working in ministry at Redemption Church Gateway, homeschooling her children, training for marathons, and mentoring potential foster and adoptive families.

She also teaches entrepreneurs, business owners, and non-profit organizations the importance of expressing gratitude. She does this through her network marketing business, as well as her class, Gratitude: The Missing Link.

To relax, Ellen enjoys running, riding motorcycles, and spending as much time as possible outdoors with her family.

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